The Zion's Cryin'"
By: Giuseppe Silvio, Chief Engineer, [RNPC]

Stardate: 85210.11 0330

Silvio woke with a start.

The Chief Engineer of the USS Zion was not sure what had woke him up, but something was not right. He could feel it. Silvio swung his legs over the end of his bed and stood up. He threw a robe on and walked over to his replicator.

“Water,” he instructed the machine. He waited for the glass to materialize and took it and sat down on his sofa. He wondered if Patia was still awake. “Silvio to Bridge,” he called out to the comm system. There was no reply.

“Silvio to Engineering,” he tried again. Still no reply.

Silvio stood up, tightened the belt of his bathrobe and left his quarters. As the door swooshed behind him he looked around the corridor. There was no one there? This was very odd. He entered the turbolift and instructed it to take him to the bridge. It complied, and the doors opened to a deserted bridge. In the center of the bridge, where the Captain usually sat, was a Grand Piano.

Silvio sat down at the piano, and began playing. Silvio was a classical pianist, and that is what he started playing. As time went on the style slowly began to change until finally Silvio was playing a sad blues tune.

Then Silvio started to sing:

“The Zion’s cryin’ “Can’t you see the tears roll down her nacelle. “The Zion’s cryin’ “Can’t you see the tears roll down her nacelle. “She’s been lookin’ for her crew. “And she’s wondering where they might be.”

Silvio’s song was interrupted by the Zion's computer, “I don’t like this song. Explosive decompression is imminent. Please stop singing.”

Silvio ignored the computer and continued singing:

“She’s got a real real real bad feeling. “That her crew just don’t love her no more. “She’s got a real real real bad feeling.” “Look at the tears roll down her port nacelle”

The computer chimed in again, “I warned you.” There was a bright light and then there was nothing.

Silvio woke with a start.

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