It's All About Red - Part II "
By: Alexis, Crewman, [NPC]
Ro Laren , Diplomat , [NPC]
William Riker , CO , [NPC]

Stardate: 58211.1 0030

Keighlee re-entered the torture chamber and instinctively walked across the way to check on the equipment that was masking their movements and voices. Everything was working perfectly. She turned toward the door and awaited Wright's return.

Ro, who had started pacing back and forth impatiently, crossed over to where Keighlee stood and looked over the equipment connected to the service panel. As impressed as she was, she maintained a unassuming expression.

Just then, the door opened and Commander Wright entered. They discussed how the rescue plan was going to play out. Commander Wrighted nodded to Keighlee and then left the torture room.

"Let's get started then, " she said with a geeky smile.

She scanned them both and as she did so, a small holomatrix generated a simulacrum of each, dressed in Red Squad's black, signature execution robes. Their heads were covered with a hood. As the images stood there, they shifted and fidgeted against their bindings, giving a realistic illusion of one who's death was impending. Then, two Red Squad figures appeared and with menacing deliberation, crossed the room with echoing foot falls, to where their victims stood and then forcefully removed the hoods from them. Ro drew a sharp breath as she saw herself standing next to Riker. As the Red Squad members turned and walked away, Ro approached the images. Her holo image stared at her contemptuously. In amazement she reached out and touched it. It had substance.

"This is holodeck technology, how...?"

Before she could complete the question her simulacrum pulled herself back and barked in Ro's voice, "Don't touch me."

"Leave her alone, " said Riker's image.

Ro smiled and nodded, "impressive. I hope it works."

Keighlee smiled back, "Oh, it will!"

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