A View To a Kill "
By: Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]
Keighlee Alexia , Engineer , [NPC]

Stardate: 58210.6 0423

Keighlee slept fitfully. She looked at the chronometer which said 0423. Deciding she would not get any more beneficial sleep, she eased herself off her bunk and got ready for another long day.

She emerged into the main area to find Commander Wright already working at the main console.

"Good morning Sir," she said in a whisper, as if the Federation might still have listening devices.

"Good morning," said Wright. "I see you could not sleep either."

Keighlee couldn't help but smile, the commander was exactly right. She nodded.

"How is out execution plan coming?"

I need to finish up the simulation scans. Ro's and Riker's have already finished rendering. The klingon, Livingston and Sparrow were sleeping, so I will complete them later.

"Very good, I suppose we better start setting up Ensign Tappert's equipment in the death chamber." Wright glanced at his monitor. "Have you bypassed the sensors in the death chamber?"

She nodded yes, "The sensor inputs are all on the same node cluster. Easy Peasy Sir."

Wright chuckled. "Very well then, we might as well get started."

Keighlee looked up at the death clock. It was at 30 hours, 25 minutes and 15 seconds counting down.

She walked over to an access panel next do the giant doors, opened it and threw the manual override switch. The doors made an uncharacteristic groaning sound, metal scraping on metal. It could have been an audio simulation to maximize the fear factor. All the same, it worked on Keighlee as her face made a grimacing expression.

Wright led the way into the death auditorium. He stifled a shudder and he thought about the purpose of this large room. It was all designed for many people could watch someone be put to death. They stood on a large observation deck, looking out over a small execution chamber. The observation deck was separated by a transparent partition. There was a small operations console just outside the death chamber. Wright pushed a button and a turbo lift door opened. He and Keighlee entered. The turbo lift delivered them to the operations console.

Now standing just outside the death chamber Wright could see the reinforced doors that lead to a small holding cell. "This is where the prisoners will be held just prior to execution" he commented to Keighlee. Wright suppressed another shudder. In preparing for this mission he had spend time studying the Federation protocols for this and it left him unsettled.

"You can start installing the holo-emitters and I will work on installing Maxine's patch to disable their system and replace it with ours."

Keighlee nodded. She promptly located the hatch panel on the floor opened it. She peered down inside it. A ladder that descended into the mechanical pit which was very dark. She and grabbed her gear and climbed down.

She began to analyze the federation execution system. She found herself scurrying up the ladder and finding Wright, "Sir, Did you know that they are using Varon-T distruptor phasing?"

Wright looked up from the console, "Will this cause us a problem?"

Keighlee bit her lip a little, "I-I don't know Sir, I have energy signatures loaded in the simulator for every known energy wave that the Federation is known to use, but - but... I don't have any thing for this. And... and the power inputs are completely incompatible..."

"Ensign, take a deep breath, and tell me how we should best move forward to fix this problem," said Wright.

Keighlee crossed her arms and looked down for a few moments and then looked up with a smile.

"I can't create an energy signature that reads correctly on the diagnostic sensor, I'll configure the sensor to believe the transporter signature is Varon-T!"

"Very good. Make it so!"

Keighlee nodded and left.

Wright returned to his work. He pulled the cover off the console and removed an isolinear chip. He pulled an identical one from his pocket and inserted it. We watched the console as Maxine's program began to load.

Wright chuckled as the image of a pixie appeared on the display. She started giving him instructions on how to set things up.

The digital pixie carefully led him through the install process and offered him a brief tutorial on how everything would work for the phony executions.

When wright was finished he programmed in a test run. Obviously, Keighlee's holo-programming was not yet complete, however, they could test the transporter masking functions that Maxine had created. "We need to test the transporter functions. "Are you ready for that?"

Keighlee nodded.

Wright stood up and entered the death chamber. If all went well he would be transported back to the observation deck. "Ready Ensign?"

"Yes Sir, " she said emphatically.

"You are sure that you have the disrupters disabled," Wright asked.

"Positive Sir," she said a little sheepishly.

"Very well, execute the test."

Keighlee extended her arm and pressed the oversized button displayed on the console. She watched as a shower of sparks and lightening engulfed the image of William Riker. Behind the facade Wright dissolved away in the real transporter beam.

She waited patiently until the commander had walked back to the death chamber. She brushed the hair back off her shoulder and smiled, "looks like we have that done. But, Commander, " said Keighlee, "I'm not sure what being hit by a Varon-T weapon looks like. Have you ever seen it?"

Wright sighed. "It is an slow form of cellular disruption. The beam will slowly burn the flesh off a person one layer at a time. Death will come, but it will be slow and excruciating."

Trying her best to be callous, Keighlee investigated further, "residual bi-products? Ashes, smoke.... and do you know the visual color of the beam?"

"The beam is red and there is nothing left when it is over," replied Wright.

She looked down at her PADD and made some adjustments to the simulation. A moment later the image of Riker reappeared and as the simulation ran, he dissolved away in burning waves, gruesomely exposing bones, muscle and soft tissue.

"How does that look Sir?"

Wright suppressed a shudder, "You sure pay attention to the details don't you?"

"I like to dabble with holo-novels, " she said with a smirk, which quickly changed to a look of concern, "Do you think it is too much? Should I tone it down?"

"No ensign, you don't need to change it. It's just very detailed, "said Wright.

Wright retrieved his iso chip and closed the access panel. "Let's go, we are done here."

The two of them rode the turbo life back up to the observation area. Wright paused to look down at the execution chamber. This room had been designed to do one barbaric thing. To offer people a perfect view to a kill. Wright, feeling sad about what the universe had become, shook his head and left the observation deck, Keighlee followed close behind.

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