To The Rescue -- The Deception "
By: Quint Freedman, Executive Officer, [NPC]
Matthew Mason, Prisoner, [RNPC]
Melissa Jarvis, Chief Security Officer, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58210.1 0800

Taylor sat at the monitoring station of cell block 24-bravo. He was already into the second day of his new assignment at the Martian Penal Facility 2412. Once Hunter had given approval for the mission he had been assigned to the Pagasus team and they wasted no time getting in place to intercept Marcus Dolvet. He watched the monitor as the transfer team was getting ready to prepare inmate Dolvet for his transfer.

The team leader approached Dolvet's cell and tapped his comm badge, "Ops, give me a security window."

Taylor punched a code in his console and a small window opened in Dolvet's security field. Taylor watched as the inmate put his arms thought the screen and a pair of arm restraints where placed on his arms. Taylor checked the time. He pulled very small isochip from the cuff of his uniform and placed it into his console. Suddenly his screen was filled with changes to the transfer order. Taylor smiled, pulled the chip from his console, broke it into smaller chunks, popped them into his mouth and swallowed. "Ops to transfer team, there has been a delay, The shuttle pilots have reported a malfunction. His shuttle is being repaired. Stand down until further notice."

"Roger that Ops."


The prison shuttle pilots slowly pulled into the shuttle bay of Martian Penal facility 2412. He maneuvered the shuttle to the transfer bay. "Earth transport to Ops. I'm here for transfer pickup of inmate 332194."

"Earth transport, there will be a short delay. Your passenger is having a bit of a behavior problem."

The pilot sighed. It was going to be a long day. "I've got a live one huh?"

"I'm afraid so. Why don't you get some lunch. I will let you know when he is ready."

"Sound good," said the pilot. He popped open the hatch on his shuttle and spilled out onto the hanger bay. This was nothing out of the ordinary. No prisoner wanted to be taken to the Earth facility. He made his way out of the secured facility into the public waiting area. This was a small facility, but it had a fairly decent chow and he was hungry.

As he made his way to the replicator station he could not help but notice a very attractive woman at the security desk. She did not appear to be happy and soon he and everyone around them could hear why. The pilot took his tray and sat down to enjoy the entertainment.

"What do you mean he's not here," she shrieked. "He was here last month when I visited him.".

"I'm sorry ma'am," said the guard, "There is no inmate here by that name. I've checked the system twice."

"Check again then," the fiery red head demanded.

"Ma'am, I'm not going to do that again. Please leave," said the guard, "Unless you wan to see what the inside of a cell looks like."

"Leave," she shrieked again. "You lost my boyfriend and you want me to just leave? I'm not leaving until you find him." The woman stormed off to a nearby table, sat down and began sobbing.


Burner pushed his cleaning cart around the commissary of the prison station. He picked up bits of trash and straightened up tables and chairs. He decided that prison guards were messy people judging by the about of debris they left behind after their breaks. He watched the Zion's security chief have a rather animated conversation with the guard at the security desk.

Burner noticed the shuttle pilot enter the room, he made his way to a replicator station and ordered. He took his tray and sat down at a table to eat. The pilot watches the argument with Jarvis and the guard with much interest. Their target was here, now they all they needed was the right opportunity.

Burner kept an eye on the pilot and continued about his chores. The pilot finished his food, got up and walked over to Javis's table. They had a brief conversation and made his way to the head. Jarvis gave a quick nod to Burner, got up, glared at the security guard, and left.

Burner gave the pilot a few seconds and then pushed his cleaning card over to the head and marked it closed for cleaning. Burner then followed the pilot in.


Javis left the commissary and headed toward the hanger bay. She walked by a maintenance working pushing a large cargo container down the hallway. She smiled at Mason, gave him a wink, and kept walking.

Mason pushed he cargo container down the corridor and into the commissary. He stopped directly in front of the door to the head and went in. Inside, he found Burner easing the unconscious, half dressed body to the floor.

Burner held up a used hypospray and said, "That was easy." He tossed the medical implement into the garbage container on his cart. "Help me get him out of the rest of his uniform."

Mason nodded. "Did he give you any trouble?"

Burner shook his head. "He thought I was Jarvis. He was a little surprised to see me."

They got the pilot out of his uniform and then dumped him into garbage container on Burner's cart. Burner put on the pilots uniform and threw his old one on top of the pilot. "How do I look?"

"Just fine", said Mason "His uniform fits you pretty well."

Burner nodded. "I'm off then."

"Good luck," said Mason. "I'll get this guy back to the Peg."

Burner nodded, grabbed a small carrying case from the cleaning cart and headed toward the shuttle.

Mason pushed the cart back into the commissary, and then out into the corridor from where he came.


Burner paused outside the prison shuttle, and opened the hatch. Once he was back inside the cockpit, he pulled the cover of the shuttle's environmental controls. He opened his carrying case and pulled out a large cannister. He hooked the canister into the shuttle's systems. Once that was done he called up to the prison's ops center. "Ops, this is Earth transport. Any ETA on my passenger?"

"Stand by for prisoner transport," came the reply.

Moments later the back of his shuttle held one of the ugliest monsters Burner had ever seen. Burner activated the security system and prepped for departure. The next stop was a rendezvous with the Pegasus for a prisoner swap.

The Bibby Venture Redux "
By: M'Ressha Mikaht, Fighter Pilot, [RNPC]
Samantha Carter, Security Officer, [RNPC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58210.1 1022

Blitzer watched the display as Burner's shuttle sped away with Jarvis, proceeding to the lunar base where Jarvis would infiltrate as one of the 6 Red Squad members.

Sensor sweeps showed nothing out of the ordinary so he locked the console and got up from his seat and quickly walked back to the operation module.

The Pegasus's was designed to be flexible and this was yet another example of her versatility. Now she was a floating maximum security prison. Two prisoners had just been beamed aboard.

He walked by a cell holding the first of six pilots who would be detained. But the other prisoner concerned Blizter more: Marcus Dolvet. Blitzer had reviewed the dossier on each of the Red Squad members and this one, was epitome of evil. In Blitzer's opinion, Dolvet made Colonel Green look like a diplomat.

A marine stood nearby with a phaser leveled at the unconscious mad-man.

He watched as Doctor Dane administered a strong anesthesia and then scanned him with her medical tricorder.

Blizter leaned close to Dane and whispered as if he were concerned Dolvet might be awakened. "How is he?"

Looking up from her tricorder Lani replied. "Sleeping like a baby.."

"It'd be better if he were sleeping like a corpse."

"All vital signs are within their parameters... so no worries ok?" she said reassuringly.

Blitzer sighed and nodded, "Sorry Doc, it's just that I've read up on these guys and they are just not right. "

"Don't worry. You just never know what a doctor might have in her hypo," she said with smirk.

"The next couple will be here in about 20 minutes. Alecto Brack She's another whacko," said Blitzer making a circular gesture by his head. "And then Elle Yazaaak..yaazaaa, hmmph. Whatever. "

He interrupted by a chirp form the companel on the wall. He studied it for a moment and then tapped out a commands.

Dane nodded and resumed scanning.

Blitzer turned and continued toward the aft of the small ship. In the transporter pod Sam Carter was waiting. She was to be taking the place of Red Squad female, Elle Yazaku.

"Are you ready?" Blitzer asked.

Sam grinned...and made the same gesture as Blitzer..."Ready as I ever by.."

"Good," replied Blitzer, "because your chariot has just signaled and will be here in a few moments."

Sam took a deep breath.. "Crack the whip and off we go..

Blitzer watched as Sam stepped up to the transporter pad. He couldn't think of anything to say to express his sentiments toward her safe return, "Good luck and uhm... live long and prosper?" he said holding up his paw.

We Meet Again "
By: Conrad Swift , Former Federation Captain , [NPC]
Keighlee Alexi, Crewman, [RNPC]
M'Ressha Mikaht, Fighter Pilot, [RNPC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58210.1 1200

Keighlee plopped the PADD down on her lap after staring for the hundredth time at the image Alecto Brack. "I don't look anything like this woman. She looks crazy, do I look crazy?" she ranted.

She leafed through the mission profile again.

Doug Simpson said nothing. He continued to pilot the shuttle toward its destination.

"It isn't fair," complained Keighlee, "I just about got killed in the last mission, I just, oh god. One of these times I'm gonna get it."

Simpson had been determined to keep quiet but he finally had to relent. "Look, this is the easiest mission. Read the specs again, the woman is incarcerated, she'll have binders on, we simply have to pick her up from a transport."

"Easy for you to say, I have to become this woman and go to Earth of all places."

"Don't worry, Commander Wright will be there too. We've got about 5 minutes before we get there, you need to pull yourself together."

"Okay, okay... " sighed Keighlee. "Let me go through this once more," she said as she stood up and commenced pacing.

Simpson just rolled his eyes.

"So, Brack has been transported from Elba II to this waystation. We're to pick her up and take her to the back of the shuttle where she'll breath some sort of gas that will knock her out. We drop her off on a runabout and you will fly me to the lunar base where I will join the others and get killed."

Simpson drew a deep breath, "Just relax and follow my lead. I'm an expert at this kind of stuff...."

Keighlee's brows furled with concern.

"....Seriously," he added.

They arrived at the waystation where the other shuttle was already on the tarmac.

Simpson got up from his seat and opened the side door. Keighlee stood behind him as he readied his phaser.

As Brack and her pilot entered the shuttle Simpson drew his phaser but froze as his eyes met Brack's.

Keighlee didn't notice Simpson's faltering because her eyes met Conrad's gaze. Conrad smiled and said, "So, we meet again?"

Suddenly Simpson let out a shriek. Brack stepped forward and snatched the phaser from him. The commotion prompted Conrad to draw his side arm also. Simpson held his hands to his head as if in agony and slid to the floor.

"What's going on here?" demanded Conrad.

Brack's eyes glared into Simpson's who seemed paralyzed, as if he had gazed upon Medusa herself. "I'll tell you what is going on here," she said with a snarl, " these two are Maquis spies. They've come to abduct us and take our places. " Brack hissed, "She was going to pose as me!"

"To rescue the prisoners being executed?"

"Yes, " she said with a sinister laugh.

Conrad leveled his phaser at Keighlee, "this is true?"

Keighlee's lips trembled, "yes," she said in a voice that sounded more like a kitten's mew.

"It's a plot! We have to warn Red Squad!"

At the moment Brack withdrew the phaser pointed at Simpson and began setting it for kill, Conrad pointed his phaser away from Keighlee and fired it at Brack. At such a short range, the strong stun setting knocked Brack off her feet and against the wall. She slid down the bulkhead wall unconscious.

"Didn't see that coming, did you bitch?" he sputtered.

He trained the phaser back on Keighlee and stepped to activate the door mechanism. As the Doors closed Conrad returned his attention to Keighlee.

"What were your orders?"

Keighlee stood there unable to speak. Conrad chuckled, "You don't strike me as the spy type."

"I'm not, I... I'm really not." she said meekly.

"You know, ol' Conrad doesn't like to be lied to, " he said with a look of consternation.

"Now, what were your orders?"

Keighlee paused, "to take you and her into custody and save the prisoners."

"The ones being executed by Red Squad?"

Keighlee nodded.

Suddenly a chirp came over Conrad's combadge, "This is security, what's going on over there? phaser fire has been detected."

He tapped the badge, "the prisoner tried to over take the pilot."

"Do you need assistance?"

"No, we'll be fine, I'll buy you a gin, we'll be departing in a few minutes. Stand-by."

Conrad shook his head and keeled down by Simpson. His eyes were open but glazed over. He checked for a pulse. "He's alive."

Standing, he tapped his combadge, "Security, please advise operations, that the pilot is okay, but he's in no condition to fly and there is a timetable to keep so I'll be taking over his duties until he is feeling better. Oh, and remind ops that this is a code-black operation."

"Understood Sir."

The combadge chirped off.

"Up front," he said motioning with the phaser.

He followed behind her, "sit and don't move," he said pointing at the co-pilot seat. "And don't touch anything." he added as he sat in the pilot's seat and began to execute the launch sequence. Moments later the waystation receded to just a speck.

"What are you doing?" asked Keighlee.

"I'm not sure. Committing treason I guess."

There was a long pause.

"The movement of Red Squad members is very secretive, how did you know...." Conrad's voice trailed off as he read the blank expression on Keighlee's face. You don't know everything thing," there was a long pause. "Or you would have known Brack was a was a surgically altered Ullian. Bitch picked through my thoughts the whole way here."

Keighlee still didn't respond.

"Where is your ship?"

"Give me the phaser."


"What are you going to do?"

"It depends on what the truth is,' he said with a pause, "but you can trust me not to hurt you. "

She remained silent.

"When I told security that I would buy them a gin, that was a duress phrase. If I had told them I could use a drink, that would have tipped them off." He explained more, "at intervals it changes. The next one is scotch. You can trust me."

"Its on the PADD." said Keighlee reluctantly.

Conrad gestured for her to pick it up. She got up and retrieved the padd and entered her access codes and handed it to him.

He skimmed through the mission profile and looked up at her and nodded. "Okay then."

Conrad entered the coordinates and set the auto pilot. "We'll be there in about 20 minutes," he said getting up. With the phaser still in hand, he went to the med bay and opened it and retrieved a medi-kit.

After rummaging through it he pulled out a vial and administered it to Brack. "Seditive." Keighlee nodded.

With the medical tricorder he scanned Simpson and shook his head. "I'm not a doctor, I have no idea what this means, but he's gonna need some help."

He sat back down in the pilot seat just as the com panel chirped. "Answer it, " said Conrad.

As they materialized on the Pegasus, Conrad held Keighlee close with a phaser pressed to her side.

"Who is in charge of this vessel?"

Blitzer was shocked and swallowed hard. "Uhm... I am?"

"I'm requesting asylum."

"Asylum, uhm.. okay...." Blitzer motioned for the marine next to him to lower his weapon, and then turned his head over his shoulders and said loudly down the corridor, "Doctor Dane?"

Brushing up on her knowledge regarding judicial matters Lani heard her name calling. "Yes?" she called back.

"Can you come here right away?"

Hearing something suspicious in Blitzers voice, Lani stood up and walked towards the airlock.

She squinted a little.. "What is going on here?" she asked as she stopped.

"Doctor Dane is would be the highest ranking officer onboard," said Blitzer introducing her.

"I'm requesting asylum." repeated Conrad.

Lani arched an eyebrow. " I see.. " she stated. "On what grounds?"

"I've helped your little lass here get away. That's treason to the Federation."

"Put away the hardware so that we can talk about it."

Conrad figured he'd be dead by now anyway if the Marquis were as treacherous as the propaganda said. He looked around again, a very small ship, one marine, a catian and a doctor.

He nodded and powered down the phaser and served it to Keighlee on the palm of his hand. When she took it he raised his hands slightly.

"First things first, what is your name, You do know that we are going to verify your story right?" Lani said.

"Yes Ma'am. The name's Swift, Conrad Swift."

"Really?" Teilani said questionably.. "Well Mr Swift, I can not let you roam the ship.. so we will have to put you in the brig for now. My captain would also be interested in your story.

"May I ask his name?"

That would be Captain Hunter.."

"I know Hunter, he's a reasonable man," he said with a sigh of relief.

As the marine approached Swift with a set of binders, he held out his wrists.

There is no need for that.." Lani said to the marine. "I am sure Mr Swift will go willingly."

Conrad smiled and nodded, "thank you."

The marine with the phaser escorted Conrad to the holding cells.

As the two disappeared into the corridor, Blitzer drew his phaser and activated the transporter.

Keighlee turned to Dane, "Simpson's hurt, Brack turned out to be a Ullian and did some sort of mind thing on him. She turned at the sound of the tranporter effect, both of them were unconscious on the transporter PADD. Kneeling next to the men. Teilani took her tricorder from her coat. "So.. what happened exactly?"

"I'm supposed to take this woman's place in red squad," Keighlee said, "but as soon as she came on board he somehow got into his head," she shrugged looking for an explaination, "maybe like telepathic or something. Conrad then shot her."

Kneeling next to both patients she quickly scanned them. "They are still alive."

"Just don't let that woman wake up," said Keighlee.

"I second that," said Blitzer.

Teilani nodded and frowned. The readings on her tricorder from Simpson were odd.. the thalamus was hyper active yet, there was no change in their histamine levels.

She stood up and took the emergency med kit from the wall.. Checking the hypospray she pressed it against the woman's neck.

"She will be out for a few hours.."

The marine rejoined them, "the pilot is secured, Sir." Blitzer nodded.

"Right.." Lani said and stood up. "Get Simpson to sickbay, although sickbay was a big word for a room not bigger then a closet. "He will be fine.. and as for her.. she said gesturing to the Brack

"If she is so dangerous as you say then put her in one of the stasis pods..

One of the marines took up the limp female and nodded.

Homefire #93"
By: Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]
Keighlee Alexi, Crewman, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58210.1 1600

To the Rescue -- Part III

The pilot opened shuttle's door and gave keighlee a nod of encouragement.

She stepped from the ship and walked toward the only doorway on the flight deck. A sentry stood there at attention.

As she approached he seemed to be studying her.

"Don't look at me!" she barked.

The sentry looked down at the floor as he activated the door which opened with a hiss.

She walked the long dark tunnel which was behind the door until she arrived at another.

A Federation computer greeted her and spoke in a smooth feminine voice, "Please identify yourself."

"Keighlee Brack," she blurted out and then covered her lips as she immediately realized her error.

"Voice recognition confirmed, Alecto Brack, please proceed."

Then the computer's voice changed, it was the unmistakable voice of KRYSTAL, "but please remember for future reference, you should use the name Alecto Brack. Have a nice day."

Slightly relieved she proceeded to the next door. Here the corridor was colored in glossy black, she could see her reflection as she walked down the tube-like tunnel.

She stopped when she could go no further. A drawer mechanically extended from the wall and computer voice returned, "Please disrobe and place all personal items in the drawer."

When she was finished, the drawer receded and another door opened in the wall. "Proceed" said the computer.

The short corridor led to a circular shaped room. In the center, a spot light lit up the hooded crimson garments worn by Red Squad. She approached slowly as if in some sort of strange ceremony for some secret society. She laid her hand on the robe. Its texture was unique, covered by small scale-like plates and lined inside with some sort of smooth leather that felt velvety to the touch. Methodically she put on the various items and pulled the hood over her head.

When she was dressed, the above light faded as another appeared near the far end, revealing a large oversized chair. She sat down and tried to relax. Holo-emitters near the ceiling suddenly glowed and an image of the Federation President appeared.

"Welcome" it announced. It launched into a very boring orientation speech, near the end of the speech, the image seemed to flicker. It sprouted wings and its face and hair began to change. Keighlee smiled as she recognized it was morphing into Tappert's avatar.

When the transformation was complete, the pixie cleared her throat and said, "I have some announcements, there have been some slight changes in the mission specifications." She produced a pair of eye glasses, with thick black frames and a clip board. After donning the glasses, she proceeded to flip through its pages. After reviewing some of the mission's parameters she took off the glasses and looked up, "Good-luck!"

The luminosity of the room increased to near normal and a door opened, revealing another chamber. As she entered, so were the other members of her team. At least she hoped so. She approached the nearest hooded figure. Being shorter she had the advantage of being able to look up. It appeared to be Commander Wright.

"Mister...?" using a scruffy of a voice she could muster.

Wright looked at her but said nothing. He moved over to a large table and took his place. In center of the table was a large screen. He reached out and pressed a button on the console. The screen came to life with an image of an admiral. The admiral spoke. "Red Squad, you are ordered to Prison 252 on Earth. You will take possession of 6 prisoners. You are also ordered to extract any information from them that you can, by any means necessary. You have one week. After one week you are to execute them." The screen went blank.

A new door to the room slid open. Two armed guards stood on each side of the door and waited.

Keighlee stood and waited as each of the crew in turn got up and walked toward the door. She nodded her head forward so the hood drooped down shadowing her face. She felt like a ghost walking past the guards. She felt much less nervous than she had earlier. Somewhere up ahead was Commander Wright, and some where behind her was Sam Carter.

At the end of the tube a shuttle was docked. It was a runabout class, outfitted with modest seating. Although she knew she wouldn't likely see the light of day, she felt exhilaration to think that she would be on earth for the first time in a long time.

With little fanfare the shuttle was underway.

Homefire #94"
By: Quint Freedman, Executive Officer, [NPC]
Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]
Keighlee Alexi, Crewman, [RNPC]
Melissa Jarvis, Chief Security Officer, [RNPC]
Samantha Carter, Security Officer, [RNPC]
Simon Zent, Chief Science Officer, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58210.1 2145

The crew of the USS Zion, disguised as members of the infamous "Red Squad" walked down the boarding bridge that connected the lunar colony to the shuttle that sat ready to take them to Earth.

At this point, things would become easier for them because there was such a shroud of secrecy surrounding the operational protocols of this Federation execution squad. Very few security personnel would ever have an encounter with a member of this group, and for good reasons. They were the epitome of unbridled evil.

Burner opened the shuttle door and looked out at the crimson clad bunch. He smiled.

"Right this way," said Burner. "Next stop. Earth."

After his passengers boarded, Burner took his seat at the helm. He initiated departure sequence. The crew began to open containers and extract their contents. Carter passed out a scepter that seemed to match the robes they were wearing. As Keighlee looked closely she could see that they were really some sort of elaborate holoprojector.

The shuttle trip would be very short and there wasn't much time. Everyone but Keighlee seemed to know their part, like a well rehearsed stage play. All she could do was watch. She recognized some of the devices as surveillance detectors and disruption equipment in case their activities were monitored, pattern enhancers, subspace communication gear, proximity detectors, emergency medical supplies, a couple high capacity phaser rifles and a small computer core.

"We are 5 minutes out", announced Burner. "Starting landing sequence now."

Keighlee moved to a seat near a porthole. She looked out at Earth as they descended. It wasn't the lush green and blue she remembered, but grey and brown rock and mud. She gasped in shock, "Commander!" she said pointing out the window.

Wright too was stunned at the horrible condition of Earth. "It's sad," he said, shaking his head.

They watched as long as they could but the darkness of night fell as they sped across the northern hemisphere and began to descend on what used to be known in the history books as San Francisco. Headquarters of the Federation.

After the shuttle landed the hatch opened and the departure ramp extended itself to the ground. Wright and Carter were the first ones out. It was a cold autumn night as they set foot on Earth. Keighlee disembarked and followed the group to a nearby door.

Once inside, they entered a turbo lift which dropped quickly to levels very deep in the prison. When the doors opened a guard lowered his head as if he dared not look at the squad directly and said with a gesture, "This way."

At a quick pace they walked down the corridor. As they reached the end, there was a door in front of them. "The prisoners are in there," he said meekly, "your quarters are here, " he said pointing to the three doors on each side of the hallway.

"As soon as you take custody of the prisoners, the guards will leave and this level will be sealed." The guard paused before continuing, "In 168 hours the doors leading to the execution chamber will be opened. When the death clock reaches zero, the prisoners must be promptly lead there for their sentence to be carried out."

Then, he put his hand on the door's sensor and it opened. Quickly three of the guards emerged.

One of the guards approached the robed squad, tapping his combadge and announced: "custody of the prisoners has been transferred to Red Squad at 2200 hours."

The first man bowed slightly, "Thank you for your service to the Federation." he turned and began walking toward the turbo lift at the far end of the corridor. The other three followed. The sound of their footfalls echoed in unison, as if they were marching.

With an audible whoosh, the turbolift doors closed and the lift ascended away. At that moment, a glow from a force field raced along the top edges of the corridor until it reached all corners; casting a soft blue light everywhere.

The away team followed Commander Wright inside.

Melissa Jarvis began discreetly scanning and locating surveillance devices. There were not any devices that were not known thanks to the intel gleaned from the Federation database. Everything was exactly as it was supposed to be. She nodded to Keighlee who had taken up position in front of the large security console. It was certainly an impressive system but hopefully no match for Tappert's program she was about to unleash. She discretely inserted isochip into the receptacle and tapped the LCARs screen to accept the new program. A moment later the system surrendered a chirp. "Worked like a charm," she muttered.

The Chief Science Officer Zent was on the bridge assisting ops with the mission. He turned and announced, "Sir, we have eyes on the away team now." Hunter turned and acknowledged him. "On screen."

Thanks to Tappert's computer trogen which infected the Federation computer systems, the bridge viewing screen now displayed a number of frames, each displaying one of the many scenes from around the detention center. In the center was the six members of the away team.

Working quickly Keighlee unpacked several small tools and probes from a pack and laid them out on the console.

She removed a near-by access panel and proceeded interconnect a device that would feed the federation watch dogs computer simulated images.

On the bridge of the Zion, Hunter noticed the screen image flicker. He turned his chair to face the science station.

"The first one is done," reported Zent, "the computer generated feed is indistinguishable from the real one."

Hunter nodded and turned back toward the main viewer. "Ops, signal a GO status to the away team."

"Yes Sir."

Meanwhile, in the detention center, Keighlee scanned the system with a tricorder and then nodded to Carter and Jarvis who in turn produced several pieces of equipment and assembled a device to disrupt audio monitoring systems. Keighlee continued scanning the area then closed the tricorder. This area is secured. We'll need to do the interrogation room too.

A few moments later the subspace receiver chirped briefly indicating that a fake feed was now being fed to the surveillance systems and everything was going as planned. From here on out, the away team was on their own, there was little information that could be relayed without risk of detection.

Homefire #97"
By: Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]
Keighlee Alexi, Crewman, [RNPC]
Matthew Mason, Prisoner, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58210.1 2215

It's All About Red - Part I

The detention guards stood in a row and watched as the hooded figures walked down the long hallway leading to the detention block. They were dressed in blood red robes and walked in unison down the long hallway. It was very intimidating. Thompson watched has the mighty Red Squad came to a stop outside the unit. As the ranking guard it was his job to grant them access and turn over control of the facility to them. He entered the access code and the door slid open.

Wright led his men into the detention block and came to a stop in front of the ranking officer. "You may go." he said to the flustered guard. The guard looked like he had more to say, but swallowed his comments and led his men out of the unit.

Wright waiting until the door had slid shut, made a quick gesture to Keighlee, who was toting an anti-grav sled holding her supplies. He gestured toward the interrogation room.

Keighlee gave the sled a slight tug and guided it into the room. Unconsciously she winced as she thought about the cruelty and torture this place has seen.

Wright followed her into the interrogation room.


Mason took up his preassigned position outside the cell of the unknown prisoner. He was supposed to try to get and identification. To Mason's surprise, getting an ID was not going to be difficult. He found himself standing face to face with his identical twin bother Mark. Anger and hatred boiled up inside him. He wanted nothing more than to eliminate his brother as a mission threat.

"What are you looking at," said Mark Mason from behind the force field.

Mason said nothing and walked away toward the interrogation room.


Once the door was closed Keighlee began to opened one of the containers from the grav sled and picked up a small device and hid it in her palm. She watched the small display screen as she spoke in theatrically low gravelly voice, "Blood, I can't wait to make them bleed." The device confirmed at least 1 listening device was in place.

She signaled Wright with a curt nod and then took several small devices from the crate and assemble the various pieces of equipment that would be required to execute their subterfuge.

Wright unpacked a crate on the sled and started attaching it to a reclining chair that sat in the middle of the interrogation room. He looked at Keighlee and waited for her signal.

Using the device in the palm of her hand she located only one monitoring device located on a wall console in the middle of a wall. It was a UBNT17 high resolution scanner. She shrugged and thought to herself, "they should have used the 17a with biometric telemetry."

She attached her small device on the wall next to the console. Its job would be to make the monitoring device appear to be malfunctioning. It was nothing more than an enhanced Universal translator. Instead of negating the speaker's voice and translating it, it used primitive wave cancellation technology to mute the sound and then re-transmit garbled and muffled sounds. It would also emanate carrier disruption waves to make the video to create distortions.

"Let's kill them all. " she uttered to test the device. She watched the output on her tiny monitor and smirked in approval. She crossed the room to where Wright stood. "Sir, the system is in place, they won't be able to make out what we're saying but the video is still active. I did manage to reduce the resolution by 67%. They can see us, just not very well."

Mason entered the room.and stood quietly.

Wright looked up at him and said, "We can talk Mason, but keep your hood on. Have you identified the unknown prisoner?"

"I have sir, and it is not good news."


He is a planted member of Red Squad sir. He must be here to observe Red Squad's performance."

"You know this how," asked Wright.

"The unknown prisoner is my brother sir", said Mason.

"Is this going to be a problem for you," asked Wright.

"No sir," he said.

"And if your brother does not survive this mission?"

"The the universe will be a better place sir," said Mason.

Wright considered Mason's words. These seemed sincere, however, with Mason wearing a hood it was hard to tell. Up until recently Mason has been a member of the Federation. This could be a serious problem that Wright would need to stay on top of. "This does not change our plans. You are to have no contact with your brother."

"Yes sir," said Mason.

Wright turned to Keighlee and said, "Are we ready to begin?"

"Yes Sir, Commander, " she replied.

"Mason, have the Major bring in Riker. We will start with him.

She nodded, "Yes Sir."

Wright watched as two of his med brought Riker into the room and forced him into the chair. The Red Squad impostors bound him into the chair and then left the room. The Admiral looked older and very tired, but Wright saw no fear or even concern in his eyes. Wright wondered just how many times the Admiral had been through this experience. Wright had no intention of actually causing the Admiral pain, however, he needed to allow Keighlee's program some time to program the fake images of the interrogation that would be broadcast on the video feed.

Wright picked up a nasty looking instrument off a nearby table and waved it in front of Riker's face. "Hello Riker."

Riker actually smiled at him, "You think that I have never seen that before. There is nothing more you can do to me. I will tell you nothing you want to know."

"I know," said Wright. "This is more for pleasure than for information gathering" He put the instrument down and picked up another.

Keighlee nodded to herself as she monitored the progress of the assimilation program. It was much more clumsy than using a holodeck programming interface but it would do the job.

As the rendering completed, she ran a simulation on her monitor and watched as Wright brutally applied federation torture methods to Riker's simulacrum and watched as it writhed in pain and anguish.

Next she patched the device into the video and audio feed. She watched the show for several moments. She folded her arms and shook her head in disbelief at how horribly real it looked. Satisfied, she restored some of the video and auto resolution so what ever sadistic being was watching would get a good show.

She approached the chair where Wright and Riker were and adjusted her hood so she could see Riker better. The reality of being in the Admiral's presence made her smile. She turned to Wright, "Commander, everything is working perfectly."

Wright pulled the hood off his head and smiled at the Admiral. "It's good to see you Admiral," said Wright. "I am Commander Jonathan Wright, of the USS Zion."

Riker laughed. "I expected better from Red Squad.", he said. "They tried the rescue ruse on me in my first month in captivity". Riker laughed some more. "It didn't work then, and it will not work now."

There was an awkward silence broken by Keighlee, "But Sir, we're not going to torture you or even ask you any questions!" She then faced Wright with a sheepish look, "Sorry Commander."

Wright suppressed the chuckle forming in the back of his throat. "She is correct. What will it take for me to convince you?"

Riker fixed Wright with a menacing glare. "You could die."

Wright sighed. Placed the hood back on his head and left the room without another word.

Keighlee stood there, her eyes followed Wright out the door, the awkward feeling she experienced manifested itself with a bite of her lip. She turned back to Riker and made a slight shrugging gesture.

After a few minutes he returned and shoved Ro Laren into the room. Once the door to the cell was closed he pulled off the hood and fixed his eyes on Ro Laren. " Ro Laren, You are a long way from home. Do you know who I am?"

Ro's jaw dropped slightly for a moment. She quickly regained her composure and looked Wright up and down. "You appear to be Commander Wright of the Maquis."

"Do you remember when we last met?"

Her eyes squinted slightly as she pondered the possibility that this could be a ruse similar to certain Romulan tactics. The possibility that this was a rescue attempt also made her heart beat faster. She drew in a slow breath and replied.

"Perhaps I should ask you the same."

Wright smiled at Ro, "Fair enough. We last met in the situation room on QulTuq station." Wright paused for a moment and looked her in the eyes. "I am sure that you remember what we were talking about?"

Ro folded her arms across her chest and exchanged glances between Riker and Wright.

"I don't remember this being part of the plan," she challenged.

Wright flashed Ro a smile, "It wasn't, but neither was your presence here. How is it that you are here in a Federation cell waiting to be questioned by Red Squad?"

Ro Laren nodded slowly. "If it really is you Commander, would you mind giving me and the Admiral a moment to talk?"

Wright nodded and left followed by Keighlee.

As the door closed behind Wright, Ro turned to Riker, "I... want to believe they are here to rescue us." She paused "I mean, at this point, what's the worse that could happen to us?"

Riker shrugged, "It's not like I have anything important to tell them anyway. It has been so long. Let's see what happens."

Ro folded her arms and nodded, "Okay."

After a few minutes the door slide open and Keighlee peered inside, "You guys need some more time?"

Ro looked at Riker and then glanced, back to Keighlee, "we're ready to hear what you have to say."

Keighlee smiled, "That's great! I'll go get the Commander."

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