On Dying "
By: Dr. Paul Sparrow, Assistant Chief Sceince Officer, [NPC]
Sophia J. Livingston , Journalist , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.26 0530

Penny had spent most of the night crying. It wasn't fair. She was too young to die. In the weeks before they had told her if they could not find her father they'd kill her.

They had done bad things to hurt her -- to make her give up and say where her father was. But she couldn't. She really didn't know.

In the early morning hours she had cried her self to sleep only to be awaken by a commotion in the hallway. It was the female guard from yesterday and a different one.

She dropped the force field of each of the three cells containing female prisoners.

"Let's go ladies. " she barked. "You have Rec today. Remember, don't try anything funny or your day will end badly."

T'var stretched as she got up. "Its about time... this place is getting smaller by the minute. The Klingon woman growled as one of the guards pushed her. "Next time you will loose your head," she mumbled.

"I heard that," snapped the guard, not at all intimidated, "Move along or you can stay in solitaire the rest of your life."

Penny emerged from her cell. It was really early in the morning, the others seemed to be sleeping.

She joined the Klingon as another human woman emerged from a cell down the hall.

"You alright little one?" the Klingon asked Penny.

Penny looked up to her, she was tall, towering nearly a half meter higher. She had heard stories of Klingons and their warrior-like ways. She didn't want to appear weak and admit she was terrified of dying. "I-I'm okay." she said timidly. The human woman glanced over at the Klingon and child. The Federation was resorting to arresting and imprisoning children now. The petite woman was a direct opposite of the Klingon. She was fair skinned with champagne colored hair that bordered on brown from the dirt that was encrusted in it. She pushed the curling, tangled locks back from her face. "You don't look okay," she offered quietly.

"I'm scared." she admitted. "Do you think it hurts to die?"

The woman hid her startled reaction at the question coming from one so young. War was an awful thing that clearly aged one well beyond their years. "I'm not sure," she admitted. "But I think not so much," she added with a little shrug. "It would probably happen so quick you'd never even notice."

Penny drew a deep sigh and hung her head.

T'var growled... "I will take any battle right now.. they will sing about me when I get to Sto-vo-kor.. They denied me that!!.. a little drool of spit emerged from the corner of her mouth. Briskly wiping it away T'var clenched her teeth. " Even if there is a remote chance I will take it.. "

"Your fighting days are over Klingon," said a male guard who entered the cell block leveling a phaser. at her. "I could just vaporize you now, but I somehow doubt that'd be worth a song."

"You will be the first to die.. she mumbled as one of the guards shoved her.

"You have 15 minutes." announced the guard as she activated the the force field after they entered detention area Rec room.

It was small for any activity, about 8 meters across. There were stalls on one side equipped with sonic showers.

Penny folded her arms and shivered nervously as she stood in one spot and looked about.

A small round table in the center of the room was the only other fixture.

There was an awkward silence, and silence made Penny uncomfortable, more uncomfortable in fact than talking to a towering Klingon warrior.

"Where is Sto-vo-kor?" She asked, "can I come with you?"

The petite woman, who had yet to give her name, had to smile a little wryly at the question.

T'var smiled.. "Ah. little one.. Sto-vo-kor is a wondrous place.. where all Klingons go after their glorious death. When we die in fierce battles, songs will be written about us and our forefathers will be waiting for us at the gates of Sto-vor-kor.

"Oh..." said Penny softly. "I, I've never been in a fight..."

You don't know how to fight?" T'var ask. "I can teach you.."

Penny puffed up her chest a little and smiled at the thought of being a warrior.

"So you see... little one... first battle.. then Sto-vo-kor."

"Aren't you afraid to die?"

Briskly shaking her head the large Klingon woman started to laugh.. "Oh.. no ... not at all, in these veins runs the blood of Kahless.. and if I die it will be glorious!!!

Penny frowned, "Death is so meaningless..." she sighed.

"But enough about dying..." T'var pointed at some rags..."You can use those to clean up a little.. "

Penny looked over at the pile towels near the sonic showers and considered the fact that she must look pretty filthy for a Klingon make such a recommendation.

"Thank you," she said as politely as she could.

She watched as the Klingon headed toward the showers, singing.

"Is she singing about warrior toes?" she asked the human.

The woman had to chuckle at that. The first time she'd laughed in a very, very long time. "If I'm not mistaken it's a Klingon opera. I think it loses something in the translation, but I believe it's about honor and what a glorious thing battle is," she explained. "Although I could be wrong," she added. She glanced over in the Klingon woman's direction then back to Penny.

"Why don't we both get cleaned up, hmm?" she motioned to the sonic showers. "Who knows when we'll have another chance. Do you know how to use the sonic shower?"

"Yes, I used to live on a starship with my dad," she said taking a couple steps the that direction, "My name is Penny."

"I'm Sophia," she smiled and walked along with the young girl. "It is going to feel good to be clean again," she admitted. "What ship did you live on?" she asked, really just making conversation in an attempt to distract Penny.

"Oh, " she started to speak, "We've lived in so many places, I can't really remember them all. I used to keep a video journal, but they took my recorder away from me." she said with her shoulders drooping. "I don't think they're going to give it back."

"Probably not," Sophia had to agree. "I think they are way too mean and twisted for that," she added with an apologetic little smile. She felt sorry for the girl. A child so young shouldn't have to worry about being held captive, or tortured, or how soon she was going to be put to death. That was just so inherently =wrong=. "But who knows, anything's possible," she shrugged before stepping into the sonic shower.

Penny stepped into the shower and fiddled with the mechanism to get it to start. "EEKS!" she exclaimed, "they have the sonics set really high!"

"I'm sure it's just another way for them to torture us," Sophia winced as the shower's cleaning beam rained down on her.

Tears started to well in Penny's eyes as she started to feel sorry for herself. She couldn't even have a nice relaxing sonic shower before she'd be put to death. She held her arms out and let the shower do its work. After a minute or so, she got used to it, at least she'd be clean again.

Sophia could barely stand the shower. Already her fair skin was rosy red and she wondered how Penny was holding up.

When Penny came out of the shower, she picked up a towel and wiped off the residual dirt here and there all while being careful of the bruises, cuts and burns she had suffered.

Penny needed to keep talking, so as Sophia was finished with her shower, she asked her, "did you do something bad? Is that why you are here?"

As Sophia emerged from the shower she reached for a towel and began wiping herself off. She turned her attention to Penny and was about to answer her question when the sight of torture the young girl caught her off guard. "By all that's holy.... What have they done to you?"

Penny's lips pursed together tightly and almost immediately a tear dripped down her cheek which she quickly wiped away. She hung her head low, in a meek voice she answered, "they hurt me a lot." was all she could say.

Sophia forgot about her question and moved closer to the girl to examine her wounds. "You're very brave," she offered her a little smile.

"They gave me drugs too, she said, "they made me sick for a long time, It doesn't matter anymore."

Sophia made a disgusted sound. "I'd give my eye teeth for a way to make them pay..Threefold. Only bloody cowards would do something like this." She drew in a breath and offered the young girl a small smile. "Lets get dressed, hmm? We don't want to be caught in our altogether when they get back, do we? "

Penny smiled and let out a stifled giggle. "no."

"So are you a warrior too?" she asked Sophia as she dressed.

"No," Sophia shook her head as she pulled her prison uniform on. "Although it is said that, 'the pen is mightier than the sword'," she smiled a little. "I'm not sure how true that is, but it landed me in here," she admitted. "I'm a journalist, and I wrote a story that they didn't like."

Penny's shoulders slumped and her brows furled again, "You wrote a story? That's sooo unfair... I bet you wrote about how bad things have gotten," she said squinting her eyes suspiciously.

Sophie looked a little surprised. Penny's attitude confused her. "Yes, I did," she admitted, and studied the girl. "That seems to bother you. Why?" she asked curiously.

"I knew it," she said with a little smugness. "It doesn't bother me, I'm glad you did." she said with an exaggerated nod. "No, I didn't mean it like that. I mean now you're in trouble and I...." Penny stammered

"Hah! It was worth it, honey," Sophia assured her. "And I'd do it again," she smiled at Penny. "I got the word out. Hopefully it will open some eyes to the way things are. I compared what was happening in the Federation to the German atrocities in World War Two," she added with her own bit of smugness.

"German? What system are they from?"

Sophia blinked and then had to chuckle. She often forgot that not everyone had a penchant for history like she did. "Ancient Earth history. Over four hundred years ago actually. The Germans were a people that lived on earth. They committed horrendous acts on a certain group of people in an effort to eradicate them. And they controlled everything. If you didn't toe the party line, believe what they wanted you to believe, if you spoke out against them -- Ppfft" she made a sweeping motion with her hand to encompass heir surroundings. "You'd wind up in a place just like this. Or worse."

"Worse?" Penny blinked and her head bobbed in surprise, "Wow, really? How come nobody stopped them, did they like, have super-powerful weapons or something?"

"Not really," Sophia answered. "For a while no one knew what they were doing," she explained. "At that time, a lot of countries were at war with each other, forming alliances, switching sides, invading each other. To say Earth was in turmoil would be an understatement," she went on. "When the other countries who were fighting the Germans found out what they were doing, they issued a 'proclamation'," she snorted in disgust. "It wasn't until they beat the Germans that they found out just how bad it was."

"Just how bad was it?" she asked shaking her head inquisitively."

"Bad," Sophia shook her head. "The Nazi's, that's what these particular Germans called themselves, engaged in mass execution of =millions= of people, mostly Jews, including children. Even babies," she shuddered, remembering some of the old, archived photos she'd uncovered. "Sometimes they would strip them naked before killing them. The Nazi's preformed medical experiments on their prisoners and again, mostly Jews."

Penny swallowed hard and her eyes were wide open. She was riveted to Sophia's voice.

"... They'd cut off their arms and legs while they were still alive," the journalist continued. "They experimented on children. They even tried sewing them together to try and make co-joined twins." Sophia stopped and rubbed her face. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be telling you all this. It's really quite horrible stuff."

'Oh my god, I can see why they didn't want you to tell people about it. Is Jews another name for Bajoran?" Penny looked from side to side and said in a whisper: "I've heard things." She unconsciously rubbed a large bruise on her stomach, "I-I've seen things too."

Sophia's eyes followed the path of Penny's hand and she frowned. "I think you could easily find similarities between the Jews and the Bajorans. They had their own religion and the Nazi Germans hated them. They believed they were inferior and wanted to eradicate them. They put them in 'death' camps where they would torture and kill the Jews, hundreds at a time in gas chambers or even ovens." She tilted her head a bit. "What have you seen?" her voice lowered.

Penny lowered her eyes. "Well, my Aunt Jenesis took me and my sister to live on Minos Korva. There were people who told about..." she took a deep breath and squirmed a little, "...about Cardassians putting thousands of Bajorans in a shuttlebay and then blowing them out into space and, I've heard of them throwing 'em into live plasma streams, stuff like that."

Penny paused before she continued, and it was obvious that Sophia was riveted by her story. What she was describing sounded like it could have been done by the Nazi's and she wanted to say something, but she didn't interrupt the young girl.

Tears started streaming down her cheeks as she continued "After the day they came and killed everyone, they took me to a place called Tantalus." Penny stopped for a moment and collected herself, wiping away some of the tears on the sleeve of her prison uniform. "There were Bajorans. on Tantalus. They gave some of them stuff, like diseases and poisons. They would bleed from their noses..." Penny's voice stifled to a higher pitch. She took a deep breath. "And they'd die. I've seen little kids throwing up blood."

She stopped again to wipe her cheeks before she continued, "...they'd make *me* clean up stuff too. It was so icky they'd burn the rags and my clothes when I was done and then take me to the med lab to see if I got infected with anything. I would be so scared."

"Oh, honey," Sophia whispered softly, clearly moved by the young girl's story.

Penny shuddered involuntarily and wiped her tears again. "And then, they didn't do that anymore, so they would just hang us up five or six at at once and use klingon pain sticks and things to burn us and hit us."

Penny held out her wrists so that Sophia could see the scars and welts.

Sophia gasped softly as she took a closer look and cupped Penny's wrists in her hands. "This is horrible."

"When they were done, they'd drag me back to the cell by my hair and..." she swallowed hard and put her face in her hands.

"Oh, Penny," Sophia 'tsk'd' softly and couldn't help wrapping her arms around the child. "I'm so sorry for what they did to you. They were evil, and did evil things. If there's such a thing as karma, they'll get what they deserve."

She wiped her tears, and looked up at Sophia, "When it comes time to die, can I stand by you?"

A tear filled Sophia's eye and refused to fall. "Sure you can, honey. I'd be proud to have you at my side." She finally blinked to clear her vision and that single tear fell. She swiped it away and offered Penny a smile. "Now, let's not let them see our tears, hmm? We don't want to give the rotten, degenerate and perverted swines the satisfaction."

Penny put her arm around Sophia, "thanks," she murmured.

Behind them came the unmistakable sound of the force-field dissipating.

"com'on, 15 minutes is up, let's go." yelled the guards.

To The Rescue -- The Plan "
By: Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]
Simon Zent, Chief Science Officer, [RNPC]
Giuseppe Silvio, Chief Engineer, [RNPC]
Maxine Lucinda Tapert, Computer Specialist, [PC]
Melissa Jarvis, Chief Security Officer, [RNPC]
Lieutenant Patia Zoie , Chief Counselor , [NPC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]
Margaret Rose MacAlister , Marine CO, [RNPC]
Matthew Mason, Prisoner, [RNPC]
Max Fisher , Acting Chief Intelligence , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.26 1005

Wright set a PADD down on the conference room table, leaned back in his chair. and rubbed his eyes. It had been a long night, but he thought they had a plan that just might work.

"I think we are ready," he said to Max Fischer, his acting Chief of Intelligence.

Max nodded.

Wright tapped his comm badge. "Wright to bridge. Call them in."

"Yes sir," came the reply. Moments later a shipwide broadcast went out. "Will the following personnel please report to the command conference room: Lieutenant Silvio, Lieutenant Jarvis, Doctor Dane, Lieutenant Zent, Counselor Zoei, Major MacAllister, Lieutenant Tappert, and Matt Mason."

Zoei startled at her desk. She tapped the monitor to close out of the file, before turning and briskly walking from her office.

Silvio was in Miranda's playing his piano. He was lost in the music. So lost that he was mildly startled when Miranda touched his shoulder and told him about the page.

Silvio got off the piano bench and closed the keyboard cover. He left Miranda's and waited for the turbo lift. When the doors opened he saw Patia inside. They rode the turbo lift together and moments later arrived at the meeting.

Captain Hunter emerged from his ready room and entered the bridge. He nodded at Lt. Forrester who got op from her ops station where her chair was immediately taken by another crewman standing by.

Hunter and Forrester walked toward the back of the bridge where the conference room was.


"All quiet, Sir."

"Good," said Hunter as they stepped through the door.

Hunter motioned to Max to remain seated, Forrester took a seat near Max, while Hunter sat down next to Wright.

Putting on her blue overcoat Teilani, also known as Doctor Dane, downed the last bit of her coffee and hurried to the conference room. It had been a while since the last meeting and she wondered what was going on. Ever since their Marsian adventure she had locked herself away in sickbay.. trying to cope with the family reunion and some patients. She nodded at one of the security guards before she stepped through the sliding doors. Some of the other senior staff was already assembled and with a quick nod and a smile she took her seat.

Zent wasn't having much luck with some nanites he was trying to program. He sighed and stood up and headed for the conference room.

Maxine looked up from the endless line of computer code displayed on her screen and blinked. Had she heard her name?

"Oooo... You're being paged!" Krystal announced. "Please state the nature of your emergency," she queried in a rather monotone voice, her gaze bordering on vacant. Then, without skipping a beat her own, animated persona returned. "Can I come?" she asked hopefully.

"Oiy.. Course not," Maxine answered promptly. "You stay here. You're still sick," she added as she saved what she was working on and shut down her terminal. "And don't get into anything," she shook her finger at the little pixie avatar and made a small hand sign. After a moment the avatar disappeared in a shower of pixie dust.

Maxine Tappert stepped into the conference a few minutes later. With a nod to the gathering assembly she slipped into one of the vacant seats. Zent followed her in and took a seat next to her.

Just inside the door, Major MacAllister stood with her hands clasped behind her back, watching quietly as the room filled.

Melissa Jarvis had been in the middle of a workout when she was called to the conference room. She made her way to the meeting still wearing her work out clothes and carrying her bat'leth. She carefully leaned the weapon against the wall and took a seat at the table.

Matt Mason quietly entered the conference room and took a seat at the table.

Hunter looked around the room, "I think everyone is here. Let's get started Commander."

"Very well Sir," said Wright. "As you all know our original mission was to find and destroy a Federation shipyard. Our advance team on the Pegasus has discovered that this shipyard is a hoax. We will not be attacking a shipyard."

"Then we are just going to leave," asked Silvio. His eyes betrayed the pain he felt and was trying to hide.

"Not quite yet Mister Silvio," said Wright.

"We have been presented with another opportunity." Wright paused, and looked at Silvio. For a brief moment Wright thought he saw a glimmer of hope in the young engineer's eyes.

"Thanks to a well placed computer virus," Wright nodded toward Tappert. "We have discovered a treasure trove of information."

Maxine's lips quirked slightly in hint of a smile and dipped her head a bit when Wright acknowledged her.

Wright continued, " Among that information is the startling revelation that the Federation is planning to execute 7 people," Wright paused. "Ladies and gentleman, we are going to rescue them."

Zent looked around the room at the reaction of the others. He knew Tappert's worm was a good one, if any team could pull it off, this one could. He nodded silently in approval, waiting to hear more.

"Sir, are we really discussing a plan to rescue 7 high profile prisoners from a maximum security Federation prison," asked Jarvis a certain amount disbelief edging into her voice.

Wright smiled at his security chief. "We are."

"They must be important prisoners for us to risk this," she said.

Wright tapped a button on the table and the video display activated. On the screen was the picture of a distinguished man. He looked somewhat familiar to Jarvis.

"This is Edmondo Silvio. He is Silvio's father,"said Wright.

Hunter looked across to Silvio. He was concerned that having the Zion's Chief Engineer involved might cloud Silvio's judgement.

Silvio's jaw clenched tight. He looked intently at his folded hands, but said nothing.

"...he is being executed for encouraging rebellion," Wright continued. He pushed the button again and the face of a child appeared on the screen.

"Prisoner 2 is Penelope Lucia Sparrow. Her father is a Maquis scientist stationed on Qul'Tuq."

"Excuse me, " interrupted Zent, "is our intel correct? This girl can't be more than 13 or 14 years old."

Max defended the report, "Yes, Sir. We have reasons to believe that she is being made an example to others thinking about defecting. We also believe that she has been tortured, if she were released it could rouse sympathy for the rebellion."

"Why she's just a wee bairn," Major MacAllister exclaimed. "The Federation has finally sunk tae new lows," she snorted softly.

Zent leaned forward and addressed everyone, "Dr. Paul Sparrow was rescued by the Zion and the Atlanta five months ago. He defected with a top secret device that can phase shift matter and energy."

The screen changed again displaying a Klingon female. "This is T'Val. She is a prisoner of war," said Wright.

When next the screen changed, the photo of a young human woman appeared. Fair skinned, short cropped pale blonde hair. "This is Sophia J. Livingston," Max offered. "She's a historian turned journalist. She did an in depth expose that highlighted the similarities between present day Star Fleet and the German atrocities in the middle of the twentieth century."

The next photo was familiar to several of the people in the room. "As many of you know, this is Lieutenant Commander Ro Laren.

The next images was of a shot balding man. "We have no intel on this man," said Max. "He is being executed for treason."

Finally the screen changed to display the image of Admiral William Riker. "All of you know this person," said Wright. " We had thought he was killed in action, but our new intel indicates he is still alive."

"These prisoners are all scheduled to be executed in two weeks," said Wright. "In fact, the Federation intends to make this a very public execution. The have activated a Red Squad."

"One of the more disgusting creations of the great and powerful Federation," said Jarvis her voice dripping with contempt.

"What is Red Squad," asked Silvio.

Mason cleared his throat. "They are a relatively new creation of the Federation. A group of men and women that have been trained to extract as much information out of a person they can before executing them." As he talked Mason's face took on a pained expression. "There is a pool of them and they are summoned when needed."

"You seem to know a great deal about them," said Wright.

Mason nodded. "My brother is a member of the Red Squad pool. They are all unsavory characters who probably should be locked up themselves. They have no limits and few rules. They are totally anonymous."

"Yes, even to themselves," said Max Fischer. He tapped a button on the table and a person dressed in a scarlet uniform wearing a matching hood appeared on the screen. "This is their standard uniform. Once on assignment they wear the hood all the time."

"This does not sound like a winnable situation for us," said Jarvis. "We don't even know who they are."

"That's not entirely accurate," said Fischer. "Thanks to Lieutenant Tappert's virus we know who has been selected." He tapped another button on the table console and the images of 6 people appeared on the screen. Three men and three women."

Mason let out a slow breath, thankful that his brother was not included in the photo list.

"The first one is James Harp," he will be the Squad leader while they are together. He is an ex-Section 31 operative."

"Next is Marcus Dolvet. He is currently incarcerated on the Mars penal facility."

"Incarcerated?" Silvio was confused.

Fischer nodded. "The majority of Red Squad are not actually in the Federation. Even Federation members will not do the things they do. Next is Joey Legg of Mars, he is currently employed as a miner in the asteroid mine fields"

Wright picked up where Max finished, "The women are Vernita Carrow, an assassin for hire, Elle Yazaku, a top Federation interrogator who is also known as 'The Bone Lady,' and Alecto Brack, who is incarcerated on Elba II and is purported to be criminally insane."

Silvio let out a soft whistle.

Picking up the narrative Max continued the story, "The Federation is dispatching six prison shuttles to retrieve Red Squad. All shuttles will have a pilot who is sequestered from his passenger to protect Red Squad's identity. Once retrieved, the pilot will deliver it's passenger to the lunar training facility where Red Squad will be briefed before being transported to Earth to take control of the condemned."

"Are we going tae try tae intercept and replace them?" Major MacAllister asked.

Zent snapped his fingers, "If we intercept them enroute to Earth, we could beam them into a holodeck simulation. They would never know."

Mason shook his head. "You do not want to mess with these guys. They are dangerous. Either kill them or lock them up."

Hunter listened to his senior officers continue to unfold the rescue plan, with several contingencies and fail-safe plans in event of problems.

After the presentation, Hunter looked at Zent and Tappert, "You are certain we can manipulate the Federation system to put our people in place?"

Zent nodded and looked at Tappert, "Yes Sir, The worm has been stable and is virtually undetected by the Federation's systems. I think we can confidently say we can issue any order or message that their systems would normally handle.

Maxine nodded in agreement. "Th'Commander is roight. We can intercept any order, or message as long as we know where it's coming from and going to," she added.

Everyone looked at Hunter and waited for his decision. The room went silent.

Hunter leaned back in his chair. Contemplating. After a moment he looked up at Wright, "Mr. Zent and Miss Tappert seem optimistic in manipulating Federation protocols." He paused, and continued with a smirk as he leaned forward, "I probably already know what your thoughts are, but... You feel confident enough to lead an away team and pull this off?"

"I do Sir," said Wright.

"Anyone have anything to add on the Contrary?" asked Hunter.

The room was quiet for a moment. Silvio's voice broke the silence. "I want to go."

Wright looked as the Chief Engineer. He could see the worry in his eyes. Wright knew that sending Silvio on this mission was not an option, however, he understood how the young man felt. If it were his father he would want to go on the mission.

"Giuseppe," began Wright, "I know you want to go, but your talents are needed the most here. We will get your father back. I need you to trust me on this."

Silvio could feel the emotions bubbling up within him. The Commander was right and he knew it, but it was his dad and he did not want to stay behind. "Commander...," he began to protest.

"Trust me," said Wright again. "Please."

Hunter nodded in agreement, "If things go wrong, I'm going to need you in engineering."

Silvio realized that every muscle in his body was tensed up. His hand were balled into fists. He slowly exhaled and ran his fingers through his hair. He wanted very badly to be a part of this away team, but he could see that both the Captain and the Commander were not going to allow it. Silvio nodded his agreement with them and quickly averted his eyes and began an in depth study of the floor.

The Captain visually surveyed his senior staff members. He was certain he knew where each stood and was confident in their abilities.

"Well we didn't come all this way for nothing perhaps," he said thoughtfully as he rubbed his chin. He paused a suspenseful moment to reflect, and then announced, "Okay, rescue operations will commence immediately and will be full priority."

Hunter looked around the room, "anything else?"

No one answered.

"All right then lets get these people out so we can be on our way."

Hunter stood up as did everyone else, "Dismissed," he said with a nod.

The Last One "
By: Captain William Riker , POW , [NPC]
Ro Laren , POW , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.26 2215

The guard at the security console looked up as another "guest" arrived flanked by 4 guards.

He smiled a wicked grin, "ah! the Bajoran! Your the last one to join our little party," he chortled.

The female prisoner stared straight ahead defiantly. She remained standing in one place, moving only to raise her wrists when one of the guards released the binders.

"Oh, a tough cookie this one huh?" said the guard as he deactivated the force fields. "In here he said Gesturing to Cell #2.

Two of her guards flanked her as she walked to the cell. When the guards cleared the hallway she could see the prisoner across from her. She blinked in disbelief.


A smile spread accross Riker's face. "Ro Laren! What brings you to the neighborhood?"

Ro smirked slightly, "Personal invitation by Admrial Kennelly and one ugly Cardassian."

She stepped near the barrier, "Is that really you?:"

Riker moved to stand next to the barrier of his cell. "In the flesh." He flashed her a warm smile. "It's good to see you again Laren."

"It is you," she said, her smile brightening a little more. "But... word was, you were killed."

"No. I'm not dead. At least I'm not dead yet anyway."

"I presume you know why we're here?"

The smile fell from Riker's face. " Unfortunately we are waiting for Red Squad."

Ro folded her arms and leaned her back against the casement next to the barrier. She could see most much of the security area just outside the corridor barrier.

"Yeah, " she said, "The Admiral promised me a date with Red Squad too. I guess it must be true then."

"It would seem so", replied Riker.

"I've heard stories..." said Ro

"Yes, the guards have been telling us all about them. " said Riker.

Ro nodded, "I've heard they are a torture squad. Nothing is off-limits to them. They will make rape gangs of Turkana IV look like boy scouts. They are skilled at keeping us alive until we are executed. What have you heard?" asked Ro.

"I've been told that they are planning to spend quality time with me," said Riker. "I do not plan to go quietly."

Ro nodded, "Agreed," said Ro folding her arms, "Do you think there is any chance of escape?" she asked as she studied her surroundings.

"I've tried several times," said Riker.

"How long have you been here?"

"Two and a half years."

Ro answered with a sigh. Assessing her tactical situation she tried to see into some of the other cells, but couldn't see much. Just an old man next to Riker who appeared to be sleeping.

"I assume we're all here for the same reason," she said peering about, "How many others?"

Riker gave his head a shake. He could see Ro's mind working on an escape plan. He was not about to discuss this now since he was sure they were being monitored. "The most I have ever seen since coming here"

Ro noticed Riker looking oddly about and picked up on the gesture. They were being closely monitored. She was frustrated, she didn't take captivity very well. She drew a deep breath and folded her arms. She leaned against the wall. "Red Squad could be here as soon as tomorrow." she speculated. She turned and laid down on her bed.

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