Maxine Rebooted "
By: Dr. McIntyre , Doctor , [NPC]
Maxine Tappert , Computer Specialist , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.25 0800

McIntyre monitored Lieutenant Tappert's vitals as he revived her from her induced coma. She had been kept unconscious so her neural implants could be accessed.

She had made a remarkable recovery, he thought to himself, this time.

"How are you feeling Miss Tappert?" said McIntyre as she started to come to.

Maxine blinked and reached up to rub her eyes with the heels of her hands. "Like I got hit by a runaway shuttle, sir," she answered. "Other than that, I think m'functional."

McIntyre smiled, "Okay, we just want to administer a cognitive test series, If you pass, you will be cleared for active duty."

"A'roight, sir," Maxine nodded and sat up. "M'ready,"

McIntyre handed her a PADD displaying the word, "Start"

"Let me know when you are finished, Good luck."

After pressing the start button, a screen displayed several geometrical shapes, the caption below said:


Maxine selected the green triangle and then pressed the 'next' button to continue. The test got progressively harder as she went along, and as it did, Max's mind became clearer, sharper, more focused. By the time it was over she felt much better and definitely more like herself.

When the test was completed McIntyre returned and reviewed the results.

"Perfect, you are fit for duty."

"Thank y'sir," Maxine smiled brightly and tossed back the covers. "I need m'clothes," she noticed as she swung her bare legs over the side of the bed. "Do I have any instructions?"

"Just don't over use that contraption you have in your head, young lady, and you will be fine, come and see us if you have any symptoms, headache, dizziness. Okay? " he said putting her neatly folded uniform on the bio bed..

"Yes, sir," Maxine nodded sharply and reached for her uniform. "I'll take it easy," she promised, and she actually meant it. Of course, she *always* meant it, and she always had good intentions. Things just often didn't work out the way she planned.

Jail Birds "
By: William Riker , Admiral , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.25 0900

Edmondo silently followed his guards. This was the fifth time he had been transferred and he was becoming quite used to it. They led him into a cell block, down a hallway and stopped in from of an empty cell. The guard on his right deactivated the force field and motioned him inside. Edmondo did as we was directed and watched at the cell door was activated again.

As the guards left he sat down on his bunk and looked out his cell door. Across the hall was another cell. There was a man sitting on a chair next to the door. He held his hands in front of his face as if he were holding something to his mouth. His eyes were closed and his right arm made and in and out motion.

Edmondo watched quietly as the man continued to play. When he was done he put down his imaginary instrument and sighed.

"You are a musician," said Edmondo. "My son plays piano. He is very good."

"Then I hope to play with him some day," replied the man.

"I'm Edmondo," he said.

"Nice to meet you," replied the man. "I'm Will."

"It is good to meet you," said Edmondo. "Have you been here long?"

"I've stopped counting," replied Will.

The door to the cell block opened again and he guards brought in another prisoner. Edmondo was astonished to see them escorting in a child. He figured that she was about 13 or 14 years old.

Her hair was dark, nearly black and at the moment was a messy bob with strands hanging in her face, some locks of hair stuck to her cheeks from tears and watery streaks of the dark eye-liner she wore. Even as she was dressed in a prison uniform, she did not have the appearance of a stereotypical federation child.

He could see she was trying hard to stifle back her tears. On her ankles and wrists were magnetic binders.

As the door closed, the guards gave the girl a sharp shove. She faltered forward, stumbling to her knees. A quiet sob escaped.

One of the sentry at the security console frowned at the guard.

"What?" he retorted, "she's a brat."

The sentry shook her head slightly in displeasure.

"...and she's fast too. Don't let her run."

The guard then grabbed her by the arm and lifted her to her feet and turned her around. Then, he pointed a device at the binders and activated it. With a chirp, the binders released, dropping to the floor with a loud clank.

"Pick them up," he ordered.

The other guard drew his phaser and pointed it casually at her face.

She whimpered and knelt down, scooping up the binders and placed them in the guards out stretched hand.

"Now turn around."

As she did so, the second guard approached the sentry's station and handed them a PADD. "She's all yours." The two guards turned and left with out another word.

The woman stepped around from behind the console and approached the young prisoner.

"Penelope Sparrow," she said as circling the girl with a tricorder as she scanned her from head to toe. "...I wish I could say things will be okay for you." she continued with a sympathetic voice.

Her comment solicited a frown from the other detention guard who made a sound like it was clearing his throat.

"Alright, you're clean. Walk forward please... in here," she said, gesturing at the empty cell next to Edmondo.

As the force field activated, she slumped against the wall and slid to the floor in despair.

Will waited until after the guards had left and then said, "Welcome to the neighborhood Penelope Sparrow. I'm Will and this is my new friend Edmondo."

She looked up at Will, he had a friendly looking face adorned with a short goatee. She wiped her eyes with the palms of her hands and collected herself.

She scooted on her hands and feet until she was as close to the force field as she dared to be. As she sat on the floor, arms around her legs, drawing her knees close to her chin, she rocked back and forth slightly," name is Penny."

"Pleased to meet you Penny," said Will.

Will could feel a twinge of concern run through him. He had been here a long time and he never had company. It had also been more than a week since his regular interrogation sessions. He was certainly happy to not have them, but he was concerned none the less. Something was up.

Nice to meet you too Sir. She said, trying to mind her manners.

In the cell next to Will was a female klingon. She approached the front of her cell. "I am called T'Var. Why do you weep child, Have you not taken enough toll on your enemies?"

"I haven't done anything," Penny answered meekly.

"I would cry too child. Perhaps you will have your chance to fight another day."

Penny looked back at Will, "Why are you here Mister?"

"I'm a prisoner of war," said Will. "How about you?"

"I think I'm here because of my dad."

"Your dad?"

She nodded, "He's a scientist. He must have done something wrong, I'm sure this is his fault. "

The silence that followed felt awkward. Penny couldn't help herself to say more.

"My Mum died when I was 4. I still remember her... kind of."

Her head dropped a little. My aunt stayed with us. And my dad, he'd used to come home every night. Then sometimes I'd go to bed and he wasn't home yet. And then, sometimes he wouldn't come home for days. And I never saw him again.They keep asking me where he is and when I saw him last. I don't know," she said with strain in her voice.

"I can't remember the last thing I even said to him."She paused. "My aunt took me and my little sister to live on Minos Korva. They're dead now too." She started crying softly.

"Do you know what your dad was working on?"

She dried her eyes, "a little...he was building a device that could sustain inter-phased matter between two quantum states." she smiled a little.

Will thought that her dad's work would be very valuable to the Federation. There was no doubt in his mind that this young girl had done nothing that should haver her put in here. "Do you know where your father is?"

She rolled her eye, "no, I'm telling the truth."

Will nodded, "Ok"

Speaking to everyone Will said,"Does anyone have a clue what's going on? I've been here a long time and I have never has this many guests."

"I was captured alive 2 months ago, " said the Klingon with a scowl in her voice, "now they have brought me from that desolate rock to here. I have no idea why."

"So you are a prisoner of war also," said Will.

"Yes," T'var answered, and began swearing indignantly in Klingon, "I deserved to die in battle, " she scoffed flailing her arms about. "This Federation does not fight fair. "

She turned and sat on her bunk, "I swear by Kahless, I will avenge my humiliation."

"I am a political prisoner," spoke another man several cells down.

"I have been vocal about the peace initiative, but now I am here on trumped up charges of helping the Rebels."

Just then, the doors to the cell block opened again and two guards entered dragging another prisoner. Will noticed that this guy was in real bad shape. The guards threw the man in the cell. After he in, they activated the door. He clapped his hands together and said, "this is the last one for today. Red Squad will be here soon. Then we get a vacation."

"I can hardly wait," said his partner as they left the cell block.

Will's heart sank. Red Squad was coming. That was not a good thing.

Penny saw the expression change on Will's face. She scrambled to her feet, "Will? ... What's 'Red Squad'?" she asked.

Will sighed. He did not was to tell them the truth, however, they were all in this mess together. "They are an execution team."

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