Homefire #56"
By: Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58209.21 0110

Teilani sat in a dark, primitively furnished room for what seemed to be hours. In fact, it was hours. Four of them to be exact.

Suddenly the door flew open and Teilani's brother, Josh stepped in.

Lani sprung to her feet. "What's going on!" she asked.

"There's been an attack on our base."

"Ok, so do we know who it is. What kind of defenses you have here Josh." Teilani asked her brother.

"Lani," said Josh, taking a deep breath trying to calm himself. "We are at war with the Federation. Enemies of the State." He sighed in exasperation.

" Are there any casualties? Have the women and children retreat to the lower levels.. Can we seal off cert..."

"Lani," interrupted Josh, "We set up that base not 3 days ago. Usually it takes them months to find us."

He paused dramatically, "Three days! How did they find us so soon?" he squinted his eyes almost as if he were accusing her of betraying their location.

"Don't you look at me like that.. I didn't do anything." Teilani said defensively. "Maybe you have a mole in your midst. Besides.. I have been couped up here for the last 3 days.. so .....

Josh folded his arms and paced across the room. "Your Captain is overdue."

"So you think he has something to do with it?" she asked.

"No, of course not."

"I know Hunter." Teilani answered, 'he would never jeopardize a mission.

Josh nodded. He was obviously lost in a million thoughts.

"Besides, think about it, why would the Feds suddenly attack us?.. What if its a trap.. to lure you out.. so some one else can take over.

Josh just raised a brow.

"Well you said yourself that there were other factions muscling in.

He shook his head. "We need to deal with one problem at a time."

"What are we doing here still. Lets go. " Teilani said as if she was on something hyper. "

"Do you know where Hunter is?"

"I don't know," she replied. "If there is a way for me to reach the Zion, I could ask them to scan the planet.'"

"Oh, now that's a good strategic plan," said Josh sarcastically, "...for a doctor."

Then, he pulled out a PADD and handed it to Dane, "Lani, we're going into deep hiding. We have no choice. Where I'm going I can't take you there. Memorize these coordinates. You have to find your Captain and have him there in exactly 8 hours with the contact code.

"Oh great so you just gonna leave me here?" Teilani said. "Just like.." she stopped and grabbed the PADD and looked at it... "Never mind." she said..putting on her tough face so to speak. "Go.. I 'll be fine." She shrugged. "I'm a survivor remember."

Josh nodded and replied, "I know." He opened the door and a man stepped in, "Hiram here will escort you back to a safe house," said Josh. Without another word, he slipped away into the darkness of the corridor.

Heartbeat from Dead "
By: Keighlee Alexi, Engineer , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.21 0110

Keighlee, who had been taken aboard the Commodore's ship from the tachyon grid generation station where she had infiltrated with other members of the USS Zion's away team, now lived minute by minute in fear that she was only a heart beat way from being dead.

Everything was vivid to her as she work worked feverishly on a computer console, preparing for tomorrow's presentation in front of the Commodore's technology committee. As she worked vainly to figure out how to disguise technology forbidden by the Federation, a voice came from behind.


She instinctively turned around. Her reflexes betrayed her.

Facing her, was the Commodore, flanked on both sides by a security team.

The Commodore read from a PADD, "Keighlee Alexia..."

"That's not my name," replied a disembodied voice.

"...Of the USS Zion."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"We'll find your ship and you'll stand trial with the rest of your traitorous crew."

A paralyzing terror would overcome her body as the Commodore stepped closer drawing his phaser and leveling it at her face.

"On second thought," the Commodore's voice echoed in her head, "why waste time with a trial?"

There was a blinding flash of light.


Keighlee pulled the covers of her bedding up close to her chin.

She knew it was just a matter of time before she was discovered. Maybe death would be quick and painless and unexpected, like Alyssa's. More likely, she'd be subjected to torture.

She squeezed her eyes shut tight and drew a deep breath, "oh, God, get me out of here."

Keighlee clambered out of her bunk and sat down at the small desk in her assigned quarters and turned on the computer. At least she had some productive ideas. No doubt the Commodore would do a thorough background check on her. Perhaps she might make it a day or two before his results came back. She decided she needed to make each minute count and went to work on her problems.

Caught "
By: Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58209.21 0230

Teilani leaned against the door of their room, somehow all her nerves were on high alert. She wondered who those 2 men were who followed her. They looked like miners but something told her they were not.

Letting out a sharp sigh she walked to the window and carefully peered outside. It was quiet outside.. to quiet to her liking.

Suddenly, her door chimed.

"Who is it.." she asked

"Room Service"

"There is no roomservice in this place.. "

Suddenly the door disintegrated, two thugs entered with weapons trained on her.

Reacting instinctively Teilani grabbed the first thing she could lay her hand on and it happened to be a granitlike bowl. With a quick toss she managed to hit the first goon to the left side of the head.

The man fired a phaser weapon at her but she managed to elude his mark.

Staying clear from the second goon she made a run for the other door which lead to an adjacent room. Where the hell is Carter when you need her, ran through her head.

The man turned and ran after her.

At the end of the hallway three more thugs emerged cutting her off. The unmistakable sensation of getting hit with a phase set for full stun overwhelmed her body.

The One "
By: Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Falcone , Crime Boss , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.21 0305

Hunter groaned as he regained consciousness. Vaguely he recalled the scuffle.

"'bout time." said Tagliano. "My boss wants to talk to ya."

Hunter righted himself and looked up stout man surrounded by thugs who promptly assisted him to his feet.

"Let's go," he said, "Mr. Falcone doesn't like to be kept waiting."

==Falcone's office==

Falcone glared at the wall mounted video screen with disgust. On the display was his rival Jenkins. In his mind Jenkins was a problem that had to be eliminated. He vowed to keep his picture on the display until he had accomplished that task.

The door behind him opened. Falcone turned around to see Tagliano enter with his prisoner.

Hunter stood there expressionless. His eyes discreetly studied Falcone's office, taking in the image of his arch nemesis was frozen on the viewer.

Jenkins, who had tried to steal his ship with the help of Birkhoff, was never caught. He could only wonder what the connection between Jenkins and this, Mr. Falcone, had in common.

Falcone looked at Hunter for a moment and then crossed the room to his desk and sat down. He folded his hands on the desk in front of him; his eyes never leaving Hunter.

"Ya know what?" asked Falcone. "A lot of things are starting to really irritate me. I've got the lousy Ferengi trying to muscle into my gambling business. I've got Federation stiffs trying to welch on our agreements, a problem with a former family member that needs to be dealt with," Falcone paused to glare at Jenkins on the vid screen. "and I've got you trying to get a piece of my girl action."

Falcone straightened the sleeves of the expensive suit he was wearing before continuing, "I think I should just shove you out there." He gestured toward the Martian landscape outside his office window. "What do you think?"

"I sympathize with you, but I think you have mistaken me for someone else. I assure you my business here does not involve soliciting women, nor any other monetary or entrepreneurial ventures."

"Then what are you doing on my planet?" said Falcone

"I'm just here to meet some acquaintances."

Falcone stood up, and walked over to Hunter. Falcone stood so close to Hunter that their faces were now only inches apart. "Do I look like someone you should play games with?" Danger dripped from every word as it came out of his mouth.

"Let's just say, some locals who have it in for the Feds."

"That can only be the resistance," exclaimed Falcone. "That might make you Maquis. Am I right?"

Hunter did not respond, but looked back at Falcone with out an expression.

"Who are you?" Falcone's voice rose to the level of a command more than a question.

Hunter played out the scenarios in his mind. In the worse case, Falcone could use Hunter to bait the Federation. It was unlikely that they had any kind of working relationship. Likely, the gangsters were as opposed to the Federation as the Maquis. Falcone's comment about Jenkins left Hunter with another possible bargaining chip.

Hunter began to nod slowly, looking Falcone in the eye,

"Yeah," he said quietly, "man like you..."

He broke eye contact and looked around gesturing, "...got no time for games."

His eyes locked back onto Falcone.

"The name's Hunter. Captain Ian Hunter, USS Zion."

Falcone began to laugh.

Hunter judged from Falcone's reaction that perhaps he had known all along. "I'm glad you are amused."

"Amused," he chortled. "You're the one!" Facone continued to laugh.

"The one?"

He pointed at the display of Jenkins on the wall. "You know him don't you?"

Hunter nodded, "I know of him. Reginald Jenkins...tried to steal my ship working for Cardassians."

"He used to be a valued member of our organization." Falcone continued to laugh. "Until he became obsessed with you Captain Hunter. Now he is a liability that I am going to purge."

"Obsessed with me? Really."

As quickly as it had started, the laughing stopped. A stern expression covered his face. "Yes. Now, you are going to tell me exactly what you are doing on my planet, and then I am going to make you an offer that you can't refuse."

Hunter took a deep breath. He couldn't really divulge specific information but the prospect of expediting the resolution this current situation was worth taking some risks.

"Recruiting spies." said Hunter. "But it isn't going so well because your organzation is interfering."

Falcone fixed his gaze on the Maquis captain. "I'm prepared to facilitate your recruitment effort if you will provide transportation for one of my associates."

"Who and Where?"

"Her name is Natasha and she needs to get to Sigma Draconis."

Hunter didn't have to think about it too much. He had a pretty good guess what Natasha and her mission likely was. In Hunter's days as a career Federation officer, he would have been unable to morally comply, but this was war.

He nodded slightly, "I think we can do business, Mr. Falcone." he replied.

Leaving "
By: Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58209.21 0545

Teilani awoke to find herself in a room chained to a table leg.

Sam Carter was on the other end of the table.

"Nice to see you here too." Teilani said trying to stretch and increase her blood circulation. It was a good exercise to shake off the dullness of a phaser hit. "How long have I been out?"

"Not long." Carter asked. "You ok?"

"Yea.. so how did you end up here?"

"The big kahoona and myself were at the baker store and before we knew it Poof.." Carter said with a grin. "I woke up here..Haven't seen Hunter."

"You know who those guys are?" Teilani asked looking around the room.

Carter shook her head. "Well there not Feds and not from the resistance so it must be an outside group or so.. maybe mercenaries or traders."

Teilani nodded. "Could be.. I wonder what.. then she stopped as the door opened.

Suddenly the door opened and Hunter entered followed by three men with weapons drawn.

"We're leaving." Said Hunter.

Teilani held up her arm and moved it.. "With or without the bracelets?" she quipped.

With a scowl one of the thugs pressed a control device he held and the restraints dropped off their wrist. Slowly Teilani and Carter stood up, rubbing their wrists. "So whats next?"

They were escorted to a transporter pad that looked like it had been salvaged from an old constitution class star ship.

Looking around her Carter said.."Looks like this has seen some better days.."

"We have to work with what we find." one of the goons replied.

"Where you find all this junk?"

"None of your business now move on.." he said pushing Carter with the back of his phaser.

"Hey! No need to be pushy!"

"Quit stalling.. move on." he said and pushed her again.

The young security officer suddenly turned. "If you touch me 1 more time, I will make sure you will have to use a tube to feed off for the rest of your life.."

"Stand down," said Hunter to Carter. "Let's just get out of here."

They boarded the transporter pad and beamed out.

When they materialized they were in what appeared to be an old warehouse. A woman approached.

"You must be Natasha," said Hunter. The woman did not respond but handed Hunter an Isolinear chip.

"Be back at 1700."

Hunter turned to Carter, "Get our gear and meet us back here."

Sam frowned. "Carter do this, Carter do that.. " she mumbled and turned. "Going already.." she said.

The Last Meeting "
By: Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58209.21 1430

Without further delay Hunter took the isochip and turned, handing it to Teilani. "You heard the woman, we have less than 3 hours to find your brother and get back. Let's go."

Hunter felt anxious. More than he could remember feeling in a long time. The mission was nearly complete but yet it seemed, they'd only just begun. The Captain and Chief Medical officer worked their way through old crates whose antiquity could probably be calculated by the accumulation of red dust.

Finally a large loading door loomed in the distance.

"Next time Cap't.. when I mention to go to Mars.." Teilani said while accepting the chip, "wack me in the head!"

Hunter paused a moment, looking to see if they had been followed and then turned toward the door. Teilani followed behind.

"I have eaten enough dust to last me a life time," said the doctor.

Hunter looked at the padd he held and handed it to Teilani, "Which way?"

Feeling that she was talking to a brick wall, Teilani swallowed a bitchy remark and grabbed her dufflebag. "This way.." she said and walked out the room.

The pair walked down to the platform where they waited for mass transit car.

Hunter was quiet. He didn't have a good feeling about the arrangements he had made with Tagliani.

They boarded and rode for several minutes. When they exited, they began walking through the underground labyrinth of streets and tunnels.

"First street right.. " she mumbled to herself. "Left at Murphy's.."

They walked for a ways and turned into an alley way. Immediately they were approached by two men. One looked them over and nodded to the other. The other man tapped a communicator, "They're here."

Within a minute Teilani's brother appeared. His eyes were locked on Teilani.

"Nice to see you in one piece brother." Teilani said stepping back. The little hairs in the back of her neck were itching and she knew that that wasn't a good sign. She handed him the iso chip.

"There are some people I would like you to meet," said Josh taking the chip from Teilani.

Teilani frowned.

The door opened again and a women with a dog on a leash and a young girl entered.

"This is your niece," said Josh, gently prodding the shy girl forward by her shoulder."

"My niece?" Teilani echoed. "I didn't know you were married..." she sank through her knees and extended her hand. "Hi I'm Teilani.

"Lo.." the girl said slowly putting her hand in Teilani's. I'm Azi..Daddy says you are family.."

"Well actually I'm your aunt.. I left before you were born.." she said looking up at Josh.

"I saw you on pictures.. " the girl said.. "You were like me.. "

Teilani nodded. "That was a long time ago..". The little girl smiled and looked up to her Father.

"Is she going to stay Daddy?"

Josh knelt down to her level, "No, honey. She's not. She has a very important job to do."

"She looks like you.." Teilani said softly. "Your eyes.."

Josh smiled slightly.

"Daddy... will she ever come back?..She is pretty..she smiles the same like Mummy."

Teilani froze as she heard the young girl's question. She remembered the harsh words Josh had spoken to her when she, Hunter and the rest had arrived on Mars. Accusing words, why she had returned etc.

Teilani looked at Hunter.. "Sir.. I.. I can't go back. They need me here."

"I'm sorry," said Hunter, "You can't stay."

"You have seen the misery, as a doctor I can do much more here then on the Zion. If need be Wright can handle medical stuff." she pleaded.

"Your presence here could jeopardize the mission." said Hunter shaking his head.

Teilani looked at her niece.. the little girl she had never seen before.. she brushed the girls hair.. looking into her eyes. "I will try to come back.. ok.. I promise.. one day I will come back.. "

Josh stood up straight, he fidget with the isochip.

"For the first time in a long time, I'm not sure what to say. I'm no good at good-byes.

Teilani smiled and hugged her brother whispering in his ear. "Then don't say goodbye.. say be seeing you." She freed herself from the hug and took a step back, her hand touched Josh face. "Be save brother..I love you..take care of my niece.." Teilani said managing to clear the lump in her throat.

Josh said nothing, there was nothing he could muster saying at all. He just nodded and took a step back.

He watched as Hunter and Teilani faded into the dark corridor.

Nikita squeezed Josh's hand, and looked up at him, "I'll make sure they make back."

Josh nodded. Nikita let go of Josh's and and picked up a pack which she slung over her shoulder, With a quick wave, almost like a salute, she set of after them, fading likewise into the darkness.

The Get Away "
By: Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]
Samantha Carter, Security Officer, [RNPC]
Simon Zent, Chief Science Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58209.21 1930

==Warehouse District 56, Mars==

Tilly walked briskly down the quiet walkway. A early morning call got her out of bed. Mr. Tagliani was taking out his private shuttle. This was not at all unusual. Tilly liked these kinds of jobs; the work was easy and the tips were usually good.

She had left her house so fast she has not even had a chance to change into her uniform. She clutched it under her arm as she made her way down a short alley toward Mr. Tagliani's warehouse. She decided she would change once she got an board the shuttle. Tilly rounded another corner and to her surprise ran right into a woman standing in her way. Her uniform fell to the ground.

"Excuse me ma'am," she said as she bent over to pick up her uniform. "I did not expect to see anyone here at this time of night."

"No problem. I'm sorry t have startled you," she said. With quick reflexes she quickly snatched the uniform off the ground.

"I have to get to work," Tilly started to protest.

"How your you like the night off," said the woman. She pulled a purse from her pocket.


"I would like to take your place tonight," she said opening the purse so that Tilly could see it was full of credits.

"You would? My that is a lot of credits."

"Indeed. They are all yours. All you have to do is give me this Uniform and go home."

"All of them?" It was a lot of money and Tilley could use the money right now.

The raven haired woman nodded as a smile touched her lips, "All of them."

"Deal," said Tilly as she snatched the purse from the woman and quickly headed back home. This was way more money that she would have made in tips.


Hunter and Dane arrived at the warehouse where there were to meet Tagliani's assassin, Natasha.

As they walked toward the center of the large complex, they could see the large exquisite shuttle. It was similar to the ones that the Frengi casinos operated.

Natasha, was standing near the entrance with Carter. Hunter and Dane approached without saying a word.

Natasha nodded at them, "We are all ready to so, she said, her voice heavily accented. "This way please." She turned and walked toward the shuttle entrance.

Hunter and Dane boarded the shuttle. Hunter looked around, "Your boss doesn't spare any expense does he?"

Natasha nodded in the direction of a row of luxurious seats. "If you will be seated. We will depart." She closed the shuttle door and then sat down.

A small shiver resonated through the craft and the deck plating although covered with tapestries couldn’t avoid the vibration as the shuttle slowly took off. A slight pull by the Martian atmosphere kept them pinned down in their seats but not for long.

After they were free of the Martian atmosphere a beautiful raven haired woman appeared she offered to take drink orders.

Hunter guarded his reaction to seeing his niece. When she approached him, he nodded and requested a Bajoran tea.

Jax smiled at Hunter and looked at Natasha waiting for her order. Natasha shook her head. Jax disappeared into the luxury shuttles galley.

Jax returned with Hunters tea. She placed a small napkin on the table in front of him and set his tea upon it. "Will there be anything else?"

"No, thank you."

Hunter picked up his tea and sipped it. He noticed a corner of the napkin had been folded over. A small hand written "J" adorned it. When no one was watching, it turned it over discreetly in his hand. It was a note from Jax.

He was to meet Jax at coordinates she had scribbled down.

Hunter shook his head and sighed. There was always something.

Quietly, the Captain sipped his tea has he watched the shuttle progress toward the area the the Zion should be sitting and cloaked.

As it drew near, he stood up and nodded to Natasha. "Well, its time for us to leave," he said retrieving a com-coder from his pocket. He activated the device by keying in a sequence on the device's surface. He nodded for everyone to stand near.

---USS Zion---

Wright watched, from his cloaked vantage point, as the fancy shuttle approached their location. He noticed that it was a very elegant looking shuttle, not one that he would expect to see around here.

"Mister Zent, let's scan that shuttle."

Zent nodded, his fingers manipulated the scanners. "Sir, there are seven life forms on board."

Suddenly, a light flashed on Zent's screen.

"Sir!" said Lt. Zent, "I have a confirmed signal from the away team."

There are 4 lifeforms in close proximity to the signal.

"Lock onto all 4 of them and beam them to transporter room one."

"Aye-aye Sir."

Wright tapped his combadge, "Security to transporter room one."

Homefire #65"
By: Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]
Melissa Jarvis, Chief Security Officer, [RNPC]
Samantha Carter, Security Officer, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58209.21 2259

Jarvis, flanked by two security personnel entered the transporter room as the transporter operators, Lieutenant Simons and Ensign Martinson were finishing their scans of the transporter buffer.

Simons acknowledged her with his report, "Ma'am buffer patterns match the Captain, the Dane and Carter." He paused, "The scanner indicates a human female, no weapons approximately 20 years in age."

Jarvis nodded, "Let's see who came along for the ride."

As the transporter beam released them, Hunter drew a breath. It was refreshing to breath the ship's air once again.

He stepped down off the pad followed by the others.

"Melissa," said Hunter in an unusually informal tone, "please assign Natasha" he said saying her name with emphasis, "VIP quarters. Restricted to Quarters."

As he spoke, he turned toward Natasha, who looked like she was ready to erupt in protest.

"...and the rest of deck 10."

"Yes captain," said Jarvis. She faced Natasha, and gestured toward the door. "I will be happy to give you a tour of deck 10 while Operations arranges for your quarters."

Natasha stared at Jarvis for a long moment. "Very well," she said and followed Jarvis out of the transporter room.

He watched as they left, and turned to Dane and Carter, "Good job. Mission accomplished. Debriefing at 1000 tomorrow."

"Aye Sir." Carter replied and turned to Teilani. "Glad to be back home Doc?"

Teilani nodded. "Yes.. it was nice there but I realise I don belong there anymore. And then this.." she said patting her leg..which caused a small dust storm flying through the room.

"I would give everything for a real shower.." she said as both her and Carter walked out transporter room.

Sam nodded. "It really get into every where... " she said with a smirk.

As the door closed, Simons peered over the transporter console at the red tracks leading across the room.

"Pretty good Ensign," he said, "But next time, leave the dirt in the buffer."

Homefire #66"
By: Samantha Carter, Security Officer, [RNPC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58209.21 2300

Dr. Teilani Dane and Sam Carter walked silently through Zion's corridors.

"Doc?" Sam asked slowing down a little. "Was it what you expected?"

Teilani turned and faced Sam. "What you mean?"

"Well, going back home to Mars, meeting your family.. "

"Mars isn't my home anymore," Teilani said softly. "I have been away for too long. As for my family, I wish ... I wish they would have come with us, time was too short. Seems I have missed out on so much." She said while thinking of the little girl which was her niece.

"You know I knew the situation was bad, but I never expected it to be this bad. They have nothing, being on the run constantly. I asked Hunter if I could stay.. I can make more of a difference there then I can here." Teilani said.

"In what way?"

"I'm a doctor, the resistance needs me.. they need medical supplies, food.. They are outnumbered 2 to 1 in my view. Frankly I have no idea what kind of difference we can make. If we have done our business here, the Zion will leave." Teilani said a little bitter.

"I'm sure Hunter has come up with a plan, we did cause some disruptions in the Fed's plans."

"True, but as you know there are more parties involved and frankly I have no idea who is running the show there. The feds, the so called mafia family. The only thing I know is that the real people, those who can make a difference need our help in any way possible.

Sam nodded. "I see what you mean..maybe.. maybe things will change. Maybe Mars will be liberated someday.

Teilani shrugged. "Not in our lifetime.. I guess we just have to wait and see what happens, but I can seriously tell you next time we are back at QT I will ask for a transfer. I just can't leave them alone, not just right now that I found them again. We have so many things to talk about.. to catch up on."

"Perhaps." Sam replied and both women halted near the turbolift. As it arrived they both got on, and gave their designations.

"Well this is my deck." Sam said as lift stopped and the doors slid open. "See you at the debriefing."

"Sure thing.. don't forget to get to sickbay.. have one of my staff check you out for any bugs." Teilani called after her, then the doors closed again and gently the turbolift moved on.

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