Enemy Within "
By: Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]
Dr. James McIntyre , Doctor , [NPC]
Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58209.16 0030

McIntyre tapped his com badge, "Dr. Dane, you probably should come see this."

"I'm on my way James." Teilani replied.

Quickly, she placed some PADDs to the side and tugged her uniform, while brushing some invisible fluffs from her trousers she made her way to the lab.

"You've found something Doctor?" she asked as she entered.

McIntyre relinquished his seat in front of the system which was analyzing Clarice's blood.

"It's some sort of muta-genic nano-phage" he said. "And it's attacking her Cardassian composition."

Teilani sat down and peered through the microscope. "It's amazing, they act like inhibitors. Look they attach themselves to the Cardassian DNA."

McIntyre nodded silently.

"Were you able to find out if it is natural or man made?" Teilani asked.

"Its selectivity suggests that this is engineered. But look at this..." said McIntyre as he shuffled some controls on the LCARs panel.

The screen changed, showing lists of molecular attributes which linked themselves to sections of the nanophage. "These markers," he said pointing, suggest natural variations not usually found in engineered bio-organisms.

Teilani pursed her lips and a deep lines creased her brow. She had never seen anything like this, and according to her knowledge, there was nothing in the literature about it neither.

"With your permission Chief, I'd like to visit with Commander Wright and see if he has any notes on the plague on Bajor that he was involved in."

"Yes of course, ask him if he can give us as much information as possible. Oh and James.. take some of his blood as well."


"Well it maybe nothing but..he was exposed to this plague on Bajor so we just have to make sure. He might have some antibodies in his blood.


Teilani turned back to the screen, leaned back in her chair and stared at the screen. What could have caused this?"

"Hate." stated McIntyre.

He tapped his comm badge as Dane turned and left, "Commander Wright, can you report to Sickbay?"

"I'm on my way," said Wright, his voice echoing from the ship's communications system.

Moments later Wright entered sickbay. Looking around he spotted McIntyre at Clarice's bed and walked over to him. "How is she doing?"

McIntyre sighed. "She's stable for the time being, but I'm concerned there maybe something else going on..."

McIntyre tried to select his words tactfully, "I think it might have something to do with the epidemic on Bajor."

Wright was about to demand a detailed explanation, but held himself back. He had to remember that he was not the doctor here. Wright took a deep breath. "Go on."

"I've found some unusual antigens and a... well, I can't be sure yet. I-I was hoping you might provide me with your medical notes and logs from Bajor."

Wright paused trying to make sense of the request. "I'll transfer all my notes to to you."

"Thank you Sir, There's one other thing. The Chief has asked me to collect a blood sample from you to check for anything unusual. Do you mind?"

"Not at all," said Wright. "I'm not sure what good it will do you. The Major and I were not infected by the nanophage."

"Doctor's order's," said McIntyre with a smirk as he pressed the hypo against Wright's neck.

"One other thing. I believe that I have a sample of the antidote that I created on Bajor in my medical kit. You can have that too if you think it is useful. Doctor Dane has my kit."

McIntyre nodded.

Wright turned to leave, now much more worried about Clarice than he had been a few minutes ago. Wright stopped and faced McIntyre again. "Keep me posted Doctor, and if I can be of any help let me know."

"I will Sir. I'll keep you updated on my findings. And," he added, "any time you wish to come and see her, feel free."

Wright nodded and left sickbay.

Blow Out"
By: Keighlee Alexi, Engineer , [NPC]
Maxine Lucinda Tapert, Computer Specialist, [PC]
Taylor , Marine , [NPC]

Stardate: 58209.16 0215

Blow Out

==Tachyon Statino TR-35==

Keighlee sat up in her bunk as the alert klaxon sounded.

"What the...?"

She threw off her covers and stood up as Max dropped down next to her from her bunk.

"Are we under attack?" she asked as Maxine leaned against the bulkhead next to the room console. She keyed in some things and the klaxon went silent. Maxine continued to probe the console for information.

"What's going on?"

"A bloody Red Alert was sent by Command," Maxine answered.

Suddenly the station shuttered and rocked and a loud explosion sounded from engineering. In the darkness Keighlee found herself sprawled out on the deck. Slowly red lighting replaced the darkness.

"Roight.... This can't be good," Max rubbed her butt where it had bumped against the bunk as she reached out a hand to help Keighlee up. "We need to find out wot t'bloddy 'ell is going on."

Keighlee and Max stepped out into the walkway and climbed the steps.

"Grav Plates are failing." said Keighlee with an air of concern. She stopped and peered over the railing to the dark abyss of the stairwell. She could see smoke and flickering shadows cast in orange light.

"Something is on fire," her cheeks quirked as she swallowed nervously.

"Let me know what's going on," she said turning and descending. As she made the turn past the first flight, she looked back up at Max, "I'll be down here."

"Oh roight, just go down where all t'bloody smoke an' creepy stuff is," Maxine peered over the edge and watched as Keighlee started down.

==Operations Deck==

The viewscreen energized and a fragmented image of a man blurred with static appeared. "TR 35, come in, TR 35 come in."

The image froze and flickered out. It returned a moment later, "All stations. Be advised. TR 30 was attacked with an impulse weapon. Seven stations are offline from cascade failure. Starfleet Command has deployed 7 patrol vessels to scan until the stations are back online. "

"Bloody 'ell," Max grumbled as she slipped into the communications seat and began working the controls. "TR 35 Reporting in," Max responded. "We are on alert Command, and are monitoring the area. We will attempt repairs at this end."

"Acknowledged TR 35."

==Engineering Deck==

By the time Keighlee arrived at the bottom of the stairs, the fire suppression system had extinguished the blaze leaving puddles of melted optical data conduits.

She surveyed the damage with her tricorder. After a few minutes Maxine joined her. She listened as Max explained what happened.

"This is good right?" she responded with an optimistic voice. "Right? I mean, the Zion can just waltz right on in now."

"Not with seven patrol vessels crawling around scanning the area," Max answered. "We need to fix our bloody cascade "failure" so they'll go away."

Keighlee's shoulders slumped. "I don't know..." she said meekly biting timidly at a thumbnail as she continued to visually survey. "...the accelerator matrix is completely fused and the ionization chamber is cracked. There aren't any redundancies here, and, and... all our work is gone," she said eying the melted pile of optical patch cables.

"Then we'll work around it," Maxine told her. "We don't need the bloody thing to be fully operational, Keighlee. We just need to make it LOOK like it's fixed enough so the patrol ships will go somewhere else. *Then* the Zion can slip through."

Taylor move thought he station toward the command deck. On his way, he noticed that his strides were getting longer. He rounded the corner and entered to ops center and went directly to the tactical display. Taylor uttered a common Bajoran as he noticed several Federation ships moving toward the general vicinity. He tapped his comm badge, "Engineering, what is our status and...are we losing gravitational control?"

"Yes Sir," answered Keighlee. "You'd better come down here."

"I'm on my way." Taylor sighed as he headed toward engineering. They were less than a day away from completing their portion of the mission. We do not need this now, he thought as he almost floated down a bank of stairs.

"Tell me about it," he said as me walked into engineering.

"Its a mess Sir. Whatever they did to TR-30 caused a cascade failure. It overloaded the field generator and blew out some main components. All our work is gone Sir. The Zion is going to fly into a trap now Sir."

"Ensign," said Taylor, "We are 20 hours from completing our mission. We are not going to fail. Not after all we have done to get here."

Taylor's eyes connected with hers. "Chief Silvio selected you for this mission. Do you wonder why?" Taylor did not let her answer but kept on going, "It is because he knew you could handle whatever happened."

"But this is...."

Taylor bent down and picked up a sonic wrench and made his way over to eh open access panel where she was working. "How does this thing work anyway?" Shoving the wrench into the middle of the whole mess he prepared to activate the wrench.

"Whoa, whoa Sir," she said with a nervous chuckle as she took the Marine's large hand in both of hers, "you don't want to do that Sir. Uhm, that's uh..no.."

She looked up at him as he backed away, releasing her hold on his hand. She nervously wiped away a bead of sweat from her forehead, leaving behind a smudge of soot instead. "Sorry Sir, that's ... uhm..." she continued to stammer.

Taylor flashed her a smile and handed her the tool. "Perhaps you want to do this?"

She took the spanner from him and sighed, "Yes Sir."

It was a daunting task. Keighlee, after stabilizing the rest of the system to restore the gravplating, disassembled all the main components of the system which experienced the surge and laid them neatly out on the deck.

Now, she faced the mammoth ionization chamber. There wasn't a grav winch on the station, and even all the marines on board would never be able to lift the device from its mount.

With her hands on her hips, she after pondering the situation for several minutes. She turned and opened a utility locker and pulled out a pair of grav boots and put them on.

She accessed the environmental control console and turned down the gravplating in engineering to five percent of normal gravity. The magnetic boots were awkward as she walked clumsily toward the chamber.

With all her strength she managed to lift the chamber off its mount and on to the deck. Fortunately, the chamber did not crack any further.

She grabbed a tricorder and crawled inside. It was a tight fit but once in side she sit up inside its spherical structure.

The tricorder revealed crack was significant, but she could see it was there before and previously mended.


She called out, "oh Maxxie?"

"What'cha need, Keighlee?" Max answered promptly as she stepped into Engineering. "Whoa..." she grabbed hold of the bulkhead as she started to float a little.

"Can you bring me the molecular fuser from the equipment bay and about a square meter of poly-mesh from the storage bay?"

"The... Roight. Molecular Fuser and a square meter of poly mesh. I'll get it roight away," the computer hacker answered. "You know the bloody gravity's down t'almost nothin' in here, roight?" she asked as she pushed off and made it to the equipment bay in several, quite graceful, leaps.

"I know," she replied. Her voice was ethereal and and reverberated from inside the chamber.

Keighlee cleaned the plasma residue buildup from the walls around the cracked area. It was filthy.

Before too long Max's head appeared at the opening of the chamber. "'Ere y'be," Max slid the fuser and the poly-mesh in where Keighlee could reach it.

Keighlee unrolled the mesh and laid it over the top of the crack. On the lowest setting she waved the fuser over it until it began to sink into the chamber itself.

She smiled at her handy work. It turned out pretty good. She recollected what Silvio had taught her, 'a good fusion weld with polymesh will be as strong as it was before.'

And she certainly had practice during the Battle of Pacifica. The Zion had taken a pretty good beating.

"All done," she called out as she pushed the welder out and squeezed out behind it.

Maxie moved the welder out of the way, giving Keighlee the room she needed to get out. "Looks good..." she peered inside and then smiled at the engineer.

Smears and smudges of bluish plasma residue covered Keighlee from head to toe.

Max quirked a brow. "Trying to disguise yourself as a bloody Andorian, ey?" she chuckled.

Keighlee wiped her palm across her forehead and looked at the blue smudge. She sighed.

"Can you help me lift this back on the mount?"

"Sure," Max nodded.

Together they lifted the device back into place.

Once everything was back where it should be, Max restored the gravity to normal. "Much better," she nodded and stepped over to help Keighlee.

As Keighlee refitted the retaining collar on its manifold fitting, Maxine replaced burned out controllers and isoliner chips.

Next, Keighlee looked at the accelerator matrix. Keying in the maintenance code, the large device slid out like a drawer. She hefted it up and pushed it out of its holder and onto the floor where it crashed with a thud, causing a few tiny parts to scatter about.

"Junk." she muttered in Bajoran.

She walked toward the storage bay. She needed to improvise a way to bi-pass the component. If she was lucky, she'd get 60% efficiency without the accelerator. Enough perhaps to keep the patrols away.

As she searched through the chaos for conduit, she spied an antideutierum sublimator. 'Its practically the same thing,' she thought to herself, 'just opposite.' She sat down at a console and studied the schematic.

Satisfied, she lifted the device from its bin and carried it to the workbench. Removing the casing she proceeded to invert the plasma signalers removed the harmonic waveguide and replaced it with the correctly tuned one which she salvaged from the accelerator matrix.

When she was finished, she grabbed some conduit fittings and installed her makeshift device in place of the junk still sitting on the floor. Albeit she made good use of it to stand on as she connected the fittings in the back of the device.

Her make shift device lacked a containment field, it would flood the lower deck with tachyon emissions. Forty five units would induce radiation sickness.

She was tightening the last conductor when Max came up from behind.

"Y'going to turn that thing on and see if it works?" Max asked.

"Its safer to activate it from the bridge," said Keighlee.

"Roight... Let's go then," Max nodded.

They climbed the stairs until they reached the top. She sat down at the engineering console and brought the tachyon system online.

She felt a little reckless, but ran the system up to 220 percent.

"Jumpin' Capellian Powercats!" she exclaimed. The thermal dissipation system was handling the load and the output was thunderous without wasting energy on the containment field around the accelerator matrix.

"Wow.. This will really keep the bad guys out." said Keighlee. She turned and looked Max blankly, "oh, wait. That's us."

Max laughed and winked at her.

Suddenly they received a hail.

Keighlee activated the Comm. It was Grid Command.

"TR 35 here, Sir." said Keighlee meekly.

"You are operational?"

"Yes Sir."

"Your output is too high, you are overloading your systems!"

"No Sir, operational parameters are within normal limits."

The man on the viewer had a puzzled look on his face.

"Sir, I had to make some modifications to the Accelerator Matrix but everything is inside of operational limits."

The man paused and smirked.

"I don't know how you did it," he took a deep breath, "and I probably don't want to know," he said shaking his head, "but good job. Can you adjust the field density output to compensate for TR 33 and TR 34?"

"Yes Sir, I believe so."

"Commendable Lieutenant. This will be duly noted in your service record. I'm certain this will result in a commendation."

"Yes Sir. That would be nice Sir. TR 35 out."

Keighlee sat back and folded her arms across her chest and smiled.

"You're going t'get a Federation commendation... That'll look nice on your record," Max smirked and then turned a bit more serious. "Good work though, 'e's roight about that."

Keighlee smiled at the compliment, "and good work to you too!" She replied as she double checked her power utilization curves and then turned to Max. "Okay, let's turn up the alternate Tachyon grid and call it a night."

"Roight," Max nodded and her fingers moved over the console. "Just be a couple of moments.... Annnddd... Done," she smiled at Keighlee.

Inquisition "
By: Marp, Engineer, [RNPC]
Giuseppe Silvio, Chief Engineer, [RNPC]
Melissa Jarvis, Chief Security Officer, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58209.16 0900

"I don't know how she got it," said the Ferengi, his voice rising to a shrill level. "I didn't give it to her." Marp put his elbows on the table and buried his head in his hands.

Melissa Jarvis leaned back in her chair, crossed her arms over her chest and stared at him. She did not get the feeling that he was being untruthful, but after the fiasco caused by the last Ferengi crew member she was not about to take any chances.

"Why would I give a stowaway my access code?" Marp spread his hand out in front of him.

"Perhaps you got some for of profit form it," suggested Jarvis.

"I never..." the Ferengi sputtered in anger. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. "I am Maquis. I would never do that."

"Can you give me any explanation of how a 13 year old stowaway could get your access code so she could hide in unoccupied quarters?" Jarvis' eyes burned into the Ferengi.

"How should I know? Shouldn't you be more concerned about how she managed to get past your security and get on the ship in the first place?" A hint of steel flickered in Marp's eyes.

"She had help Ensign, your help." Jarvish punctuated her accusation by slamming her fish on the top of the table separating them.

"I had nothing to do with it." he shouted, coming to his feet.

"Sit down Ensign," said Jarvis, the edge in her voice echoed off the walls of the interrogation room.

Marp sat down. "Listen, you can search through my quarters. I have nothing to hide."

"Security is conducting a search even as we speak."

The door slid open and Silvio entered the room. He handed Jarvis a PADD. "Here is the info you requested." He stood over her shoulder and pointed at the PADD. "Here is her first unauthorized entry into her quarters."

Jarivs eyed Silvio icily. They were not her quarters. She wondered if Silvio was trying to get smart with her.

Silvio smiled and waved his hand at her and then turned his attention back to the PADD. "This is Ensign Marp's use of the access code just prior to her first unauthorized access."

"Where was the location of the entry?"

"Cargo Bay one," said Silvio. "Ensign Marp and Crewman Hornish were working on a power relay junction."

Marp sat up and clapped his hands together. "That's it! Sam... ah..Crewman Hornish forgot his own code. He always forgets things. I told him my code so we could get into the relay.. He clapped his hands again. "She must have been hiding nearby and heard it."

"What didn't you just enter the code yourself?" asked Jarvis.

"We were in a Jefferies tube with all of our equipment. I didn't have enough room."

Jarvis mulled over the new information. Another piece of the puzzle had been put in place. She stood up. "Thank you for the report." She turned toward the door.

Marp stood up, "Ma'am? Can I go?"

Jarvis' eyes swept the little Ferengi. "For now."

"Thank you Ma'am," said Marp as he brushed past Silvio and Jarvis through the door. Marp decided it was best to get out fast before she changed her mind.

Jarvis stepped back quickly as Marp passed her through the door. As the doors slid shit after him he turned to Silvio. "Strange little Ferengi."

Silvio nodded. "Good engineer though."

"I'd keep an eye on him if I were you," she said. "I don't trust Ferengis.

Silvio followed her out there door. "Is there anyone that you trust?"

Jarvis laughed, "Now that you mention it. No, not really."

Silvio laughed too. "I didn't think so. Have a good day Lieutenant."

"You too."

Full Service "
By: Marp, Engineer, [RNPC]
Miranda, Lounge Manager, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58209.16 1900

==USS Zion - Miranda's==

Marp hesitated as the doors to Miranda's slid open. He was not sure he really wanted to go in here, but after the interrogation he just went though by ed security he needs to unwind. He cautiously stepped into the room. To his surprise Miranda's was not busy, he liked it that way. There were not many Humans who trusted Ferengi's and it always made him uncomfortable.

Marp walked up to the bar and sat down. He watched as a very attractive woman served a nearby customer. This was the famous Miranda. He knew about her, but had never met her since his arrival on the Zion. She smiled at him and then placed a glass on the bar in front of him. Without saying a word she turned around and picked a bottle out of the large collection that she had at the bar. There were so many bottles that Marp wondered how she knew where to find anything. She poured the contents of the bottle into the glass in front of him.

"What's this?" asked Marp

"It's your drink," replied Miranda. She noticed Marp about to complain and held up her hand, "Trust me."

Marp's complaint artfully stifled by Miranda he gingerly picked up his glass and took a sip. His eyes opened wide and the took a larger gulp. "This is Millipede juice," he said with mounting excitement, "and it tastes authentic. This is real Millipede Juice?"

Miranda smiled and nodded her head.

"I haven't had authentic Millipede Juice..." His eyes narrowed, "How did you get your hands on real millipede juice?"

"I always try to keep something special on hand for each crew member," replied Miranda. "I've been waiting for you to come visit me."

"Yeah, well, I wish I would have come by sooner." Marp smiled at Miranda before taking another gulp of his drink.

Miranda topped off his glass with another pour from her bottle. "You looked almost scared to come in here Ensign."

"Yes, well, ahh...," Marp's eyes dropped to the glass in his hands, "I just finished being interrogated by Security Chief Jarvis, Marp did not look up from his glass. "I don't think she likes me very much."

"She didn't throw you in the brig," said Miranda, "so she must have cleared you of wrong doing."

Marp took another drink, "Yes, Silvio helped me out, but even though I did nothing wrong, I don't think that Jarvis liked the idea of letting me go."

"I know Melissa, she is good at her job. She is just trying to protect the ship."

"She needs to realize that I too want this ship to be safe," replied Marp.

"I'm sure that you will get a chance to prove that to her," said Miranda with a smile. "Now, would you like something to eat?"

"I'm famished, "said Marp patting his stomach and then draining the rest of his Glass.

Miranda filled his glass again, "You sit right here. I have some fresh tube grubs for you."

"Fresh...How did you...", Marp's question trailed off as Miranda walked into a back room. Marp thought about Melissa Jarvis while he waited for his dinner to arrive. Miranda was right, Jarvis was just doing her job. Marp decided right then that he was going to work hard to earn her trust. He was not sure how he was going to accomplish it but he was going to do it.

A plate dropped in front of him jarring him out of his thoughts. "Here you go."

Marp grabbed a hand full of the grubs and popped them in his mount. "Wow," he exclaimed, "I haven't had fresh..." Marp's eyes widened again. "You even chewed them for me?"

Miranda smiled, "I run a full service shop here"

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