Chester's on the Run Part I "
By: Chester , Captain Hunter's Cat , [NPC]
Giuseppe Silvio, Chief Engineer, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58209.13 0730

Chester cautiously strolled down the corridor of the USS Zion. It had been a long time since he last escaped from Captain. He used to take these walks with great regularity, however, he could tell that Captain was getting annoyed, so Chester made the decision to lay low and be a good cat for a while.

His plan worked well up to a point, but Chester could not take it any longer. He needed to be free and had gotten his chance this morning when Captain had left. It had been easy really.

A sound caught Chester attention. It was a musical note. Intrigued, Chester followed the sound into a large room filled with boxes. At first this excited Chester. He liked boxes, but these boxes had no way for him to get inside so he quickly became bored and again started following the noise.

He came out of a row of boxes into an open area and saw a funny shaped box that stood on legs. It was open on top and a man was bent over with his head under the lid looking inside the box. Chester slowly walked up to the box he had to get a closer look.


Silvio tightened a string on his piano and struck a key. It still was not quite right so he tightened it some more and repeated the process. Satisfied, he was about to move onto the next string when he heard a scratching noise. Looking down he saw the captain's cat digging his claws into the wood on his piano leg.

"Hey, stop that!" said Silvio. He bent over and pushed the cat away.

The cat sat down and looked at him, his tail swishing calmly.

"The captain is going to be unhappy when he finds you are not at home," said Silvio.

The cat laid down, but did not take his eyes off Silvio.

Silvio struck another key on the piano. A horrible sound filled the cargo bay. "That's awful," he said as he tightened another string.

Chester stood up a gracefully leaped onto the piano bench and laid down just as Silvio tested the key again.

Silvio listened to the note and looked at the cat. "Much better yes?"

Chester purred.

Sighing, Silvio tossed his tools back into his took kit and sat down on the bench. He scratched Chester's ears. "You look like a cat who needs some attention."

Chester purred.

Silvio carefully picked up Chester and set him in his lap and began petting him.

Chester purred louder.

"You like this do you?"

More purring.

"You know, we are on a dangerous mission," said Silvio as he stroked the cat. "We might not survive."

Chester rolled onto his side and continued purring.

"The timing of this is so wrong. I've finally found someone who makes me happy and the war once again propels all of us into danger."

Chester continued purring.

"Well, enough of my whining. I've got to get this piano to my quarters", he stroked the cat again, "and you need to get back to your quarters. Don't worry, I'll take you home and the captain does not need to know."

Silvio took the cat into his arms and stood up. An unexpected pain burned though his forearm. "Ouch!" Silvio dropped Chester and looked at at the scratch the was beginning to bleed. "Thanks a lot," he said.

Chester did hear him. Like lighting the cat was gone.

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