Spending Time"
By: Patia Zoei, Chief Counselor, [PC]
Giuseppe Silvio, Chief Engineer, [RNPC]

Stardate: 58209.05 1700

==USS Zion - Arboretum ==

Silvio carefully put the finishing touches on the software and closed the access panel. He looked around the unfinished arboretum, his eyes finally coming to rest of the stacks of supplies that they had gotten from Patia's sister-in-law on QulTuq. He was sure their mission would be stressful and the thought of spending off time completing the arboretum with Patia was a pleasant one.

Silvio walked over to their supply table and pulled out several gardening implements. There was various seeds, plants and trees waiting to be planted. All they needed was for Patia to arrive with the plan that she had designed.

Patia watched Silvio from across the room. He seemed comfortable with the tools in his hand. She was a little surprised at his dexterity with the plants, but realized she shouldn't be considering his overall abilities. Softly, she cleared her throat to let him know she was in the room.

"Hello there." Silvio crossed the room and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Were you hiding form me?"

She shook her head slightly. "No, I was running late with work in the office. I stopped at Miranda's for a treat for you." From behind her back, she brought two fresh scones. The scent of white and dark chocolate blended with brown sugar into an intoxicating aroma.

"Those smell great." Silvio had neglected to eat before coming here and the smell of the scones reminded him of that fact. The two of them found a small bench nearby and sat down.

"What do we have planned for today?" Silvio asked gesturing at the room around him.

Patia pulled out the PADD with the diagrams for the arboretum from her pocket. "I thought we would start with the placement of the larger pieces first, so that we could have a good basis for the rest," she gestured toward the display. "They will be harder to get established once the littler plants have been settled." Patia reached for a white chocolate chip from her scone and popped it in her mouth.

Silvio watched Patia enjoy her scone for a moment and then took a bite of his own. "It looks like a lot of digging and heavy lifting then huh?"

Patia brushed a few crumbs of fallen sugar from her lap. "I am afraid so. Are you up for the task, Silvio?" she quirked an eyebrow at him as she asked. The twinkle in her eye gave away the teasing nature behind the question.

Silvio smiled. "I can handle whatever you dish out." He finished his scone and stood up. Silvio stripped off his shirt and grabbed a shovel. "Where do we start?"

She shook her head slightly as the corners of her lips tipped into a slight smile. "Over there," she pointed to the tallest tree. "We need to have it over here." She gestured toward a spot a few feet from them. "I think we need more than a shovel, though."

Silvio chuckled and tossed the shovel to the ground, "Ok." He walked back to his supplies and grabbed a large box. He lugged the box over to the tree in question and opened it. He pulled a PADD out of the box along with several small transporter markers. He placed them around the tree and then put one one the tree. "Where do you want this tree?"

"Here," she stepped three paces to her left.

Silvio met Patia at the spot and then placed more markers on the ground. Using the PADD he calculated how much dirt would need to be displaced and added that to the program. "Watch this!" Silvio activated the program, which communicated with the ship's transporter system, a few moments later the tree vanished.

Silvio and Patia watched ad a large hole opened up in the ground in front of them. After a brief moment the tree materialized in the hole and just like that they had their first tree planted. Silvio drew his hand across his brow, "Man that was hard work."

"I can see the sweat you are breaking. I don't know that you can keep this pace up all night," Patia chuckled. "Ready for the next one?"

"Bring it on!"

As time went on, Patia realized they were working up quite the sweat, even without using the shovels. She danced from place to place to mark out the next planting. Silvio followed with all of the technological wizardry he had in his possession to move each into its perfect position. The saplings were young and resilient. Her sister-in-law had truly out done herself with the pieces she had provided. She would have to remember to send an update to her when this was done.

As they worked the simulated sky in the arboretum changed from blue to gray and a slight breeze blew across the room. Silvio beamed a smile at Patia. "It's working."

"Yes, it is!" she exclaimed. "Did you hear that?"

A slight rumble filled the room and drops of water began to fall. His weather simulation program was working. "I hope you do not mind getting a little wet?"

Patia laughed, a full, from the belly, laugh. "I don't think we have a choice! Look at the clouds roll in." The grin on her face widened as she watched in wonder.

"I have always liked thunder storms," he said as the rain came down harder.

"Me, too," she tipped her face up to his.

Silvio's right hand brushed Patia's wet hair away form her face. Their lips met as a quiet rumble of thunder echoed throughout the room.

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