My Fortune for a Shuttle "
By: Bart "Burner" Reed, Fighter Pilot, [RNPC]
M'Ressha Mikhat , Top Gun , [NPC]

Stardate: 58208.31 1801

Burner walked briskly down the hallway. The computer told him that Blitzer was in the pilot's ward room on the Marine deck. The Major had ordered him to find Blitz and bring him to her office.

Burner rushed onto the Marine deck,brushing past several Marines in his way.

"Hey Burner where the ..."

Burner held up a hand, "Not now Nova. I got orders." He crossed by the main training area and entered the Pilot ward room and found Blitzer totally sacked out in a chair. "Wake up Marine," shouted Burner in his best drill Sargent voice.

Blitzer sat up and blinked blankly at him.

"We have orders to report to the CO Big Cat. Let's move."

"We're flying?"

"I can't think of any other reason the Boss would ask for a couple pilots. Can you? Let's go bud."

Together they double timed it over to the Major's office. Her door was open. The stopped just outside the door and came to attention. "Lieutenant Reed reporting with Lieutenant M'Ressha as ordered Sir?"

Mac looked up, her deep blue eyes studying both pilots for a moment before she spoke. "Good work, Lieutenant," she smiled. "I have a job for ye both," she told them. "So ye think they two of ye can find us a non-Maquis ship for the away team?"

"We should be able to come up with something Sir," replied Burner.

Blitzer's jaw dropped, he had no idea what Burner had just gotten them into.

"Then make it so, gentlemen," the Major grinned. "The clock is ticking," she added. "The away team need tae rendezvous with the Terellian ship and I'm counting on ye two tae get them there."

Blitzer and Burner saluted and made a hasty departure.

"Where we going to get a ship?" Inquired Blitzer.

Burner smiled as they made their way to the to the turbolift. "I seem to remember a Ferengi casino owner that had a nice ride?"

"Do you think Command will want to spend that much?"

"I didn't plan on paying him for it Blitz."

Blitzer arched an eyebrow. Almost to the point his ear laid flat back.


"You have a better idea?"

"No but I thought that we were scheduled to rendezvous with an undercover ship for the mission?"

"There's been a problem. It ain't coming."

Blitzer smiled. "So we're going to do a heist?"

"Heist is such a harsh word Blitz. We are going to see an old friend of ours."

The turbolift doors opened on the deck which housed their quarters.

"Ok, let's get changed out of our uniforms and meet back at the shuttle hanger. We can discuss our options then."

Blitzer nodded.

"I'll have them prep a shuttle for us," added Burner.

"I'll see you in ten."


Blitzer watched a moment as a flight crew quickly finished prepping the Antari. This ship was one of the older shuttles that had recently been salvaged from the Federation.

Dressed in native Caitian clothing, he boarded the vessel and found Burner already doing preflight checks. He dropped his duffel bag next to the chair and dropped himself into chair.

"We ready?"

"Let's go," replied Burner.

He put his paws on the flight console. "I miss the Peg already," he said.

"The sooner we get this done the sooner we will get back to her."

"Shuttle Antari to Flight control. We are ready for departure."

Flight control to Antari, you are cleared for take off."

At Blitzer's control, the shuttle lifted up and moved forward out into space.

"Great!", exclaimed Burner rubbing his hands together. "Let's go see a Ferengi about a shuttle."

"Engaged," said Blitzer as the shuttle accelerated to its maximum speed.

"Set a course for our favorite casino Blitz."

Blitzer cleared his throat, "You mean, 'your' favorite casino."


"How far does Navcom say we are from the casino?" asked Blitzer.

Burner checked his console. "One-point-five hours."

"Sit back and enjoy the ride," said Blitzer, "I'm going to see if I can shave a quarter off that time."


Blitzer maneuvered the shuttle into the casino hanger bay and found a spot to set down.

A cloud of dust and debris blew up as it touched down on the deck.

"One hour and twenty minutes," said Blitzer in a boastful voice.

"Not bad Big Cat," said Burner. "Let's go look for Mok." Burner opened the shuttle door and stepped out into the hanger.

Blitzer followed him out, "What makes you think he's here?"

"Let's just say that I have a feeling that he needed to leave Qul Tuq in a hurry after we left. Where else would he go but here?" The two of them walked around the hanger deck.

After walking most of the way across the tarmac, Blitzer piped up, "Uhm, Burner. Why do you say that?"

Burner shrugged. "Well, let's just say that a certain well know Ferengi on Qul Tuq lost a good deal of latinum and he thinks that Mok took it."

"Burner!" said the Cait, who turned and blocked him in one stride. "Did you...?"

"From Quark?" Burner shrugged as he looked around, "Not technically." Burner suddenly spotted a familiar face. "Over there."

Blitzer looked over his shoulder, it was Mok, the Ferengi chauffer. "Now what?"

Burner watched the Ferengi. Mok was dressed in a casino chauffeur uniform and he was polishing the side of his shuttle. "Let's go get re-acquainted with our friend." Burner approached the Ferengi, who had his back to him.

As Burner got closer Mok noticed his reflection in the polished side of his shuttle and turned around abruptly to face Burner, "You!" hissed the Ferengi. Mok pulled a small disruptor form his jacket.

Burner expected that Mok might be armed and quickly slapped the disruptor away form him. "You might hurt someone with that Mok."

"You took all that latinum from Quark and left me holding the bag," said the irate Ferengi. "What do you want?"

"What latinum? I don't know what you are talking about," said Burner. "Did you get into trouble with Quark?"

"You know I did. You set me up!"

"What if I told you I could fix things with you and Quark?"

"What would it cost me?"

"This fine vessel here," said Burner patting the side of the shiny shuttle.

"Forget it," said Mok. "What would I do about my job here?"

"Call in sick," said Burner, "We will bring it back when we are finished with it."

"Why should I trust you any way. You have already managed to disgrace me. Forget it."

"You are right not to trust me," said Burner. "I'm a scoundrel."

Mok snorted loudly.

"But my friend here. He has got a good moral compass. If he tells you that you will get your shuttle back you can count on it. Right Blitz?"

Blitzer contemplated his last encounter with Mok and slightly smirked a toothy smile.

Mok considered his situation. He hated working here. He could do much better if his relationship with Quark were fixed. "I'll do it."

"You are smarter than you look..."

"Provided that you fix my relationship with Quark."


"And cut me in for fifty percent of the take you got from Quark."

"Fifty percent?" shouted Burner, "No way, twenty-five"

"Not a slip less than thirty-five percent. Take it or leave it."

Burner looked at Blitzer.

He just shrugged.


"Done!" said the Ferengi shaking Burner's hand.

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