A View of the End "
By: Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58208.28 1600

Again, the Zion is pounded as Quantum torpedoes exploded near the bridge. The inertial dampening shields do little to keep the ship's gravity from lurching sharply starboard. Ensign Forrester is flung from her seat only to land against the rail that encircles the bridge. Her neck snaps with a sickening crunch. Jarvis, who was attempting to extinguish the plasma fires was thrown backwards, landing impaled against jagged metals beams buckled up from the deck.

Lt. Silvio flew across the bridge in a shower of sparks. Wright look around. More than half of the bridge crew was dead. Jarvis, Westfall, Forrester, and now Silvio were all gone. Wright glanced at the fallen engineer, where his head has was been was now nothing but a unrecognizable mess.

Wright stepped between the vacant helm and ops stations. "Aft shields are gone Captain. Torpedoes and phasers are off line. All decks are reporting severe casualties." Wright sat down at the helm station, gently pushing aside the body of it's previous occupant.

Hunter wiped the blood from his face, "Wright?"

"Warp engines are off line, however, we still have limited impulse power."

Hunter stood and dropped into the Ops chair. He used his sleeve to wipe the blood and ash from the display.

"There is no word from the Pegasus. Her last attack damaged the station's shields, but they are still holding.

Hunter tried to reroute power to weapons, "Its no use, all weapon systems are off line."

"Looks like we are at the end of the road Captain." Wright sighed.

The Captain activated the ship wide Com system and said what he never thought he'd ever say: "All hands, abandon ship."

Wright watched as the few remaining crew members left the bridge. Soon he and the captain stood alone on the bridge. His console beeped at him. "Captain, I am detecting ship wide failures of the emergency escape pods. Only a few of them have been able to launch."

Hunter shook his head and looked up at the monstrous ship yard which had effortlessly defended itself.


"Captain, the Federation ship Condor is ordering us to surrender," said Wright. "We only have one option left."

Hunter cleared his throat. "Just one."

Hunter returned to the command chair followed by Wright. "Computer, recognize Captain Ian Hunter, USS Zion Authorization Ninety Nine Kappa Epsilon Kappa."

"Captain Ian Hunter confirmed," replied the computer.

Wright sat down at his station. "Computer recognize Jonathon Wright, First officer, USS Zion. Authorization Delta two two Charlie."

"Commander Jonathon Wright confirmed."

"Initiate auto destruct sequence. 5 minutes silent countdown."

"Does the first officer concur," asked the computer.

"Yes," replied Wright, "Initiate auto destruct sequence."

"Auto destruct sequence initiated," said the computer,"Five minute countdown. There will be no further notice."

A light flickered on the ops panel. Hunter pressed it.

The captain of the Condor appeared on the screen, "This is your last chance to surrender."

Hunter cut the signal and looked over at Wright, "I don't think their scanners are working."

"Apparently not." Wright's console beeped again. "It looks like they have sent a boarding party to deck 10. We should be alright here. Silvio set rerouted enough power to keep shields around the bridge before he was killed."

Hunter looked down at Silvio's body, "Good job Mister."

"We still have impulse power. What do you think about moving the Zion closer to the station?"

"Let's circle about first, make them think we're trying to get away."

"Aye sir," said Wright moving back to the helm control.

Suddenly the ship lurched.

Hunter gripped the console. "They've bought the bait. They've locked on with a tractor beam and are trying to drag us toward the station."

"They are about to have a bad day."

"Ours won't be much better," Hunter replied.

The LCARS blipped again.

"Another ship," announced Hunter. "Its the Pegasus."

Wright watched as the Pegasus launched an impressive volley of quantum torpedoes at the station. "Wow!"

Just then the ship jolted and began to drift as the Condor dropped it tractor beam to defend the station.

"About 30 seconds Number One. Take us into the station."

"Aye Sir," said Wright as he guided the freshly primed Zion time bomb toward the main hanger bay of the station. As the Zion entered the bay he was stunned to find no resistance. The Pegasus had managed to open the door for them.

Wright stood up. "It's been a pleasure Captain."

"As the Klingons say..."

Suddenly the bridge flared white and the unmistakable alarm sounded from the computer, "Holodeck safety protocols activated." The room shimmered around them and then faded.

"Computer," said Hunter. "Projected damage to the Federation space station?"

"The station was destroyed," replied the computer.

"If it's all the same to you Captain," said Wright, "I'd rather find a different way to complete our mission."

"Another run Number One?"

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