Onward "
By: Dr. Alyssa Caitlin Northrop, Chief Intel Officer, [PST]
Giuseppe Silvio, Chief Engineer, [RNPC]
Ian Hunter, Commanding Officer, [PC]
Jonathan Wright, Executive Officer, [PC]
Kelly Forrester, Acting Operations Manager, [RNPC]
Pierre D'Aubigne, Flight Control Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58208.15 1300

Captain Hunter stepped out on to the deck. There was a sense of urgency in his stride as he walked toward the command chair. "Status Number One?"

Wright stood up and relinquished the seat. "All systems are ready Sir. Station ops has been advised of our departure."

"Crew status?"

Ensign Forrester was seated at the OPs station, "All personnel are on board and accounted for."

Hunter nodded and turned toward Silvio, "Engineering report?"

Silvio stood at the engineering station. It had become his custom to man the bridge station during launched from QulTuq. "Engineering report's ready to co Captain."

Hunter surveyed the rest of the Bridge crew, the new Vulcan science officer sat attentively, as did the tactical officer.

He tapped the shipwide intercom, "All hands, this is the Captain, prepare for departure."

He watched the forward viewer for a moment. Qul Tuq hovered below.

"Alright Mr. D'Aubigne, lay in a course for 038 mark 6, warp 7.

Pierre responded, "Aye captain. Course mark 038, Warp 7." He maneuvered the ship from Qul Tuq primarily using impulse power to get away from the station. As soon as he was satisfied, he engaged the warp engines and the ship started to accelerate rapidly. And the sight that Pierre loved the most, the star blur appeared.

Hunter settled back in the chair and waited a few minutes and then tapped the comm button Warrant Officer Northrop please report to my ready room.

Alyssa pressed the comm button on the corner of her desk as Hunter's voice came over the comm. "Aye Sir....on my way."

As she stood and headed out of empty Intelligence Section Office for the nearest Turbolift, she wondered what exactly the Captain wanted with her. She'd already passed on the latest intel they had. What more could he want?

He stood up, "Silvio, you have the bridge."

"Aye Sir," replied Silvio. He turned his station over to another engineering officer and made his way to the command chair. Silvio slowly eased himself into the chair. It was not very often that he was even on the bridge let alone in command of it. It felt good.

"Commander Wright, please join me."

The two men entered the Ready room where a man was already seated. "I believe you remember Matt Mason."

"I do Sir," said Wright. "I was under the impression that Mister Mason was going to be staying on at QulTuq."

"He was," replied Hunter with a nod.

It wasn't long before Dr. Northrop was standing outside Hunter's ready room. She pressed the chime and waited a moment for permission to enter.

"Enter." said Hunter.

Alyssa stepped through the door as it opened, seeing the Captain and Commander Wright inside. There was a third man....whom she remembered from the several times she'd questioned him.

"Good, you are here," said Hunter, "I was just re-introducing Mr. Mason."

"Yes, Sir....Mr. Mason and I are quite familiar with each other," she replied moving out of the doorway so that it could close behind her. Northrop didn't take a seat....since there were none at the desk. Hunter would direct her to sit down if he wanted her too. "May I ask what this is about, Sir?"

"There have been some updates to your mission specifications," said Hunter handing her a PADD, "Mr Mason is one of them."

She took the PADD and scrolled through it quickly. "Why the changes sir? I'm confident that I could have completed the mission myself."

In and of itself, the fact that her mission had been changed and the fact that she'd been assigned a partner. Northrop was still relatively new to the whole Secret Agent, Intelligence game. But Mason? Why him?

"I have no doubts about that Northrup. Fact is Mason here knows all the logistic routines of the Federation and had been designated a resource for this mission."

Hunter paused. He knew from the expression on her face that there would be no convincing her at this point.

"...anyway," continued Hunter, "Your mission has been stepped up. You will need to assemble your team for a briefing at 1400 hours."

"So...Mr. Mason will be back here then," Alyssa said, "Or is there anyone else I'm going to have to baby sit?"

Hunter snapped a sharp glance toward Northrop. Her comment more than bordered on insubordination.

He stepped close to her and stared into her eyes the way a laser bore focuses on a mineral quarry. "Chief Warrant Officer Northrop, If you can not for a minute take this mission seriously, I will find someone else to lead it. The gravity of this situation can not afford that kind of attitude. There is too much at stake. You have been assigned the team leader you are expected to be one, not some...lone ranger."

Hunter paused, "Are we clear?"

"Crystal....Sir," Alyssa replied. Her tone was even and belied no emotion. She had always worked best by herself. The evidence was all over her track record. But..appparently that meant nothing in this man's starfleet. She came to attention and waited to be dismissed....knowing that somehow all this would still rest squarely on her shoulders when it came down to it.

Hunter nodded and said quietly, "dismissed,"

Total recall? "
By: Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58208.15 1900

The wind was blowing and finally the heat had subsided. In the distance a man looked out over a small valley. His long coat and reddish brown hair blowing in the wind, his face partially covered by a breathing devise.

Nobody knew how long he had stood there but around his feet small heaps of red sand had formed.

"Do you still think they will come." He heard a voice saying behind him. He turned and watched an older man climbing up towards him.

"I don’t know Jacob." He said. Joshua Dane hadn't heard any news from his network of spies. Ever since the resistance knew the Zion would come he had been up this mountain look up to the sky, praying for a miracle.

"There is not much we can do Joshua," Jacob said. “We can only hope that they got our message and that your sister is willing to participate.”

Josh nodded and adjusted his breathing gear. "My main concern is the grid. Somehow they need to find a way to disable it, get the Zion through it, enable the grid again and all before the Feds detect it."

"Perhaps we can create a diversion, so that the Feds don't focus on the outpost. After all it is only manned by about 5 Fleeters.

"That would be an idea if we knew when they were coming but we don’t." Josh replied. "Besides we do not have the assurance that the Maquis will aid us. They did not agree to our last action remember?"

Jacob nodded. "Yes that was indeed unfortunate, and with the elimination of Xavier by the Feds, contact has indeed been strenuous."

Josh looked up at the sky and threatening clouds came rolling in. "We should go down below, there is a storm coming." He said and pulled his coat a little tighter.

Turning around both men walked slowly down the mountain slope. Climbing down an access hatch they ended up in a large underground cavern. The signs of mining tools were clearly visible and small beams of light showed them their way. Nothing was said between them as they walked along. Each was preoccupied with their own thoughts. In comparison with the surface the underground caverns were hot, heat generated by the mining operations was used wisely. Despite the terraforming Mars was still a harsh planet to live on.

Finally they reached a large chamber sparsely lit, shadows were playing in the far corners. The space was surprisingly intact, giving the geothermic shudders, only a few places show where rubble from above had fallen through.

It was also full of people. Most were adults, fairly young though. But there were also other humans and a number of small children. Then a noise rang out, like the snarl of a targ. Then a blur of reddish fur came rushing toward them. Joshua braced himself as a big retriever jumped up to him. His tail moving back and forth.

"Easy King, easy," Joshua said patting the dog on the head, which made it jump excitedly between the two man.

The dog calmed somewhat when Joshua continued to stroke him. Then a young girl came running to them. "I'm sorry Daddy." She said. "He got away from me."

"Make sure that next time he is on a leash Azi." Joshua said as he hugged his youngest daughter. She giggled as he messed up her hair and kissed her. "Daddy you are prickly!!! Come King…." She called to the dog and ran off.

"She is growing up fast Joshua." Jacob said.

"True Jacob," he responded. "And that's why we need to get help soon. I don't want to loose her."

He walked over to a young brown haired woman who was monitoring an old rag tagged communication devise. "Any news?" he asked.

She shook her head. "No… nothing…." She said look up at him a shattered and tired look in her eyes.

"Get some rest, Nalini can take over from you." Joshua said. "Go home."

The young woman nodded. "See you in the morning."

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