New Things "
By: Alan Dewey, Science Officer, [NPC]
Simon Zent, Chief Science Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58208.13 0745

Simon Zent stepped into the science department of the USS Zion following his first night on the Zion.

He had planned on getting started right away but the Captain insisted on meeting with him right away when he arrived yesterday.

He didn't like him as much as he did his former Captain. He smiled lightly as he remembered the time he rescued her from her Ferengi abductors. Hopefully nothing like that would be required of him on this ship.

The lab was vacant, that was a slight surprise.

He found the Science Chief's office and entered. The office was empty. He had nothing to decorate the office with. Everything he owned was lost on the Atlanta. Except for Annie, which wasn't really his. He frowned a little as he thought about TJ who had disappeared from the ship couple months earlier.

Sitting down, he activated the console and displayed the science department's manifest. For being a larger ship, his department was now even smaller.

He drew in a deep breath and sighed.

He studied the personnel records for Alan Dewey and Sahril. The other new officer, Ka'tira, he already knew.

There were no logs regarding ongoing projects. That would change.

He looked over the lab inventory and equipment manifest. He made notes on his padd for items that would be needed. As he was doing this, both Dewey and Sahril arrived for duty.

Unnoticed, he continued until he was done.

As he entered the main science lab Sahril had already left for the bridge.

"Sir!" said Dewey, "You must be Lieutenant Commander Zent."

He nodded affirmatively.

"P-Pleased to meet you Sir."

He shook Dewey's extended hand. "Thanks."

"I know that it isn't your fault that things are as they are," noted Zent, "but things will have to change. I expect this lab to be run by the book."

Dewey was somewhat surprised by Zent's remarks. "What do you mean?"

"Do you know what this is?" asked Zent pointing to a near-by container with a large spider in it.

"I don't know, it was brought in by one of the Marines. "What is it?" asked Dewey.

"I'll tell you what it is, it is a class 9 lifeform."

Dewey's jaw dropped slightly. He couldn't find the words to speak.

"It gets put in a level 2 containment field and transported off this ship."

"Right away Sir."

"When you are done with that, contact OPs and requisition these supplies," he added, handing him the PADD.

Dewey took the PADD and shuffled away.

He shook his head, "now where is Ka'tira?" he muttered.

By: Dr. James McIntyre , Doctor , [NPC]
Maxine Lucinda Tapert, Computer Specialist, [PC]

Stardate: 58208.13 0800

Doctor James McIntyre opend the medical file for Maxine Tappert, the ship's computer specialist. Tappert, a 26-year old female patient with neuro-implants designed to interface directly to a computer now suffered a potentially serious side-effect from over using the device. He took a sip of his coffee as he reviewed the different medical resources Krystal, Tappert's AI program, had researched using his criteria. The ones he had not heard of before seemed to lack plausibility.

He narrowed his choices down. From what he knew of Schatchy syndrome, it was not unlike Iresine Syndrome where instead of the electropathic residue that was characteristic of that malady, Maxine was faced with the carbonizing of the tissue matter surrounding her electrodes.

The ability to regenerate of nervous tissue of this type, even in this day and age was still was still only marginally successful.

There were two treatment options that appealed to McIntyre. The first treatment would likely have longer lasting results and be more permanent. It would require a full surgical unit and Doctor Dane would have to make the decision.

The second treatment would help reduce the damage and improve the efficiency of her implants. Aside from the fact that the day was also Friday the 13th, customarily a day regarded as a day of bad luck by humans who lived on earth a long time ago, this treatment would allow her to resume her normal activities immediately.

She could schedule the other procedure at a future date.

He nodded confidently. That AI program, despite is silliness, was very efficient at sorting and categorizing the material. He smiled as he approached Maxine's bio bed.

He began a tricorder scan on his sleeping patient.

Maxine's eyes suddenly snapped open and she looked up at McIntyre. A frown marred her forehead as a slight disorientation took hold of her and she tried to remember where she was. She started to say hello, but it came out as more of a soft grunt of acknowledgment.

"Good morning," he replied.

That answered one question. "'ow long 'ave I been 'ere?" she finally managed to ask.

"About 12 hours. How do you feel?"

"'orrible," she answered. "Like I've been trampled by a 'erd of Targs."

"Well," smiled McIntyre as he clicked off the tricorder's scanner and studied the results, "you are going to be alright. Do you remember anything from the night before?"

Maxine blinked. "I... Uhh... A little..." she admitted after thinking about it for several moments. Straining to think about it rather. "It makes my 'ead 'urt to think about it," she added. "

"Don't push it. Just tell me the last thing you remember."

"A cat and a naked pixie," she told him. "I think. I might 'ave dreamed it...." she hoped. "What's wrong with me?"

"You have the early stages of a condition known as Schatchy syndrome. I'm Sure you have heard of it as it only happens to implant users."

Max frowned. "Aye... I've 'eard of it. Can you fix it?"

"Well, manage it at least," said McIntyre, "Didn't your Doctor tell you that the implants required a maintenance schedule?"

"But... I've kept up the maintenance. Dr. Dane checked out my implant when I came onboard..." Max told him.

"Even so," said McIntyre, "we're okay so long as you don't start hallucinating."

"Doc... I saw a naked pixie and a kitty cat...." she reminded him.

McIntyre raised an eyebrow, "hmmm... there is that," he nodded as he considered that the other possible occupants could have been Krystal and the felinoid patient asleep at the other end.

"We won't worry about that right now, if you are are ready, we can get started."

"Aye." Max didn't even try to nod. "As ready as m'gonna be," she told him. "Will it 'urt?" she asked. "Or make the 'eadache worse?"

"No, it should help immediately."

"Thank goodness," Max breathed a sigh of relief. "Let's do it then.."

"Okay, come with me," said McIntyre.

A yellow polkadot bikini "
By: Patia Zoei, Chief Counselor, [PC]
Teilani Dane, Chief Medical Officer, [PC]

Stardate: 58208.13 1830

"Hey Patia, are you ready for some supper?" Teilani asked as she popped her head around the door of the counseling office.

"Hey, Lani," Patia looked up from the file she had been concentrating on. She glanced at the chronometer, "I think I am way past ready for some supper. It appears work got away with me again," she chuckled.

"No supper with Silvio this time." Teilani asked inquisitively.

"I haven't discussed it with him, and at this point, I don't think I will be tonight. I am sure he is caught up with something, too. How about you? No better supper prospects?" she asked.

Teilani shook her head. "No I am afraid not. If you are too busy I can sent an ensign with some food to your office. I will grab something on the way then."

"Not too busy, at all," she smiled. "You know how work can be, once you get started if you don't get distracted you can be there all day. That doesn't mean you should be there all day, though," she chuckled. "What did you want to do for dinner?" Patia pushed away from her desk and stood slowly, stretching the muscles that had stiffened from too much time in one position.

"Well how about getting some fresh pasta, I beleive Miranda has gotten some new recipies. Or we could get some sandwiches and go the pool. I hear the water is lovely."

"That sounds wonderful. Are you ready now?" she asked.

"Sure am."

After having collected some nice sandwiches with grilled vegetables and fresh herbs, some bowls of various pasta salads both Teilani and Patia entered the pool area.

It was quiet and the air was scented with smells of roses and the water looked as blue as the skys on Risa.

"That's a nice place," Teilani said and pointed at the far corner of the pool where some big replicated palmtrees stood.

"It looks very restful. The breeze is delightful." Patia began to weave her way among the scattered tables surrounding the pool area.

Having arrived at a small round table, Teilani set the table. The sandwiches and vegetables looked awsome. "You know I never know how Miranda does it, making food look so good." she said.

"She has a gift," Patia agreed.

"Indeed she has, so tell me, how did the sculpture class go?" Teilani asked.

"It was interesting. If he decided to have another session, and I was available, I would go. I haven't heard a lot of feedback, though, and I haven't seen him since the class. Have you heard if it was well received over all?" Patia asked.

"Some of my nurses did go and they were extatic, seems Mr Withmore has some secret talent." Teilani said. "Although he was a bit nervous as I understood.

"It was his first class, a few nerves would be expected," she smiled slightly. Slowly, she stretched, her back popping as it settled back into place. "How is everything for you?"

Teilani finished the sandwich she had in her hand before she answered. "Well you know how it goes, bandaid there, hypospray here. The same, things are quiet in sickbay and believe me if I have to file another empty report again, I'm going to scream."

Teilani chuckled. "You know its so quite in general that I have the odd feeling that it is silence before the storm, how about you? Did ensign Goldman come to see you yet?"

"I have noticed it is quiet, but that is all right. I am catching up on reports that haven't been on the front burner when they should be because of more pressing issues. Yes, Ensign Goldman was in my office."

OOC: you might want to change the above, you did see Jelly Goldman.... Thanks! I didn't double check names and I had her confused with someone else new that hasn't been in

"Well honestly I do hope something will happen soon, I work best under pressure Teilani said, leaning back. "You know it will be weird seeing Josh again."

"How do you think that will go?" Patia asked.

"Honestly speaking. I have no clue.. It has been ages since we last spoke and I can only hope he doesnt start dwelling about the past you know."

"I know what kind of challenge that can be. Once in awhile, though, the air needs to be cleared," Patia smiled gently.

"Sure I know that things need to be cleared but sometimes it is better to let them rest and start fresh..

"As long as you can start fresh and not let anything from the past get in the way, it should be good. I hope it goes smoothly, for you, Lani."

"Hey I m sure it will," Teilani said optimistically. "More salad?"

"I am full, thank you, though. It has to be one of the best meals I have had lately." Patia swirled the dark liquid of the wine in her glass. "I was planning on taking a hike in the holodeck tonight. What do you have planned?"

"Not much, I still got some old book laying around. So I think I turn in early and read a few pages. There is nothing better thent he smell of old fashioned paper."

"I have to say, I agree. If you wanted to join me on the hike first, though, you would be more than welcome."

"Thanks, but my bed looks much more appealing right now," Teilani said stiffling a yawn. Slowly she began to clear the plates and table. "I fyou don't mind I'm going to bring back those plates and turn in early.

"I don't mind at all. I can take the dishes if you prefer?" Patia asked.

"Nah,"Teilani said shaking her head. "The lounge is on my way anyway. You just sit and relax. I see you tomorrow."

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