Creating a Character

This is the most important part of the game when you are getting started. As you learn you might want to redo the original bio you sent in and this is fine. When you create the character you will be playing, this becomes you to your fellow players. Yes you can create a sibling or a parent on the ship, but the only one that is truly you will be the one you join the ship with, so make it the best you can be.

In reality no one likes a know-it-all. The person who looks perfect and always does the one up on you and can never do anything wrong is boring. So lets be realistic according to Star Trek standards. You may use any race known in the Star Trek universe. You may not, however, be Q or a glory hound. Your character is a person, with strengths and weaknesses. We want to have fun and interact with your character so give him a personality. Once in awhile we need a bad guy to be played by someone. If you're a believable character then you could be the one chosen to play the bad guy.

Choosing a race and name

So, your character needs a name and a race. As you check out the Star Trek species you will note that the names show differences depending on the race you pick. Vulcans usually only have one name. Klingons have one but use the daughter of or son of. Some use their last name first. You may use any race except the Q or the Vorta and Jem H'dar, since they are enemies. There are exceptations, so talk to the commanding officer.

Before you decide on your race remember there are strengths and weaknesses to all of them.

For example: Klingons are very hung up on honor and are highly emotional at times. They do not usually like to show a soft side. They are, however, loyal and will back a friend to the death. They tend to be rigid in their beliefs and very unforgiving if slighted. They would tell the truth and die rather then lie and be dishonored.

Romulans are also very emotional, but are taught to get ahead any way then can and tend to be disloyal to their shipmates. They are also very suspicious of other races and see those that show pity or compassion for others as a weakness. They are known to lie when it suits them, and is justified as a means to an end. Knowing how your character's race reacts in the norm will help you create a believable person with good and bad points, a past, and one who may make mistakes and has a belief system that he/she would live by to the best of their ability.

Creating an appearance

Once you have chosen a race, name, and gender, the next step is to write about your character's physical appearance.

The more information you can give the better. It also makes it more fun for other characters to interact with your character when they can visualize it.

Remember that the race you pick will determine some of your character's features. If you're a Vulcan or a Romulan your ears will be pointy. If you're a Ferengi you will be short. If a Klingon you will have ridges on the forehead. Remember to mention any distinguishing remarks in your bio.

For example: Personal Information: Do you have scars? Just reading about what you look like can add something to your personality, and can be talked about in a future post... it can be brought into a story line and show a part of your character that would not be readily apparent.

Once you have the physical features set for your character you will need a life. History and background. Where were you born and when? Who are your parents and what do they do. Do you get along? Do you have siblings? What were you like growing up? When did you become interested in Star Fleet? Make it believable.

Your personality is very important. I have found that I mold it close to my own. This makes it easier to carry my character into my posts and make him real to the fellow players.

You need to remember to make your character someone you can support in your posts and whom others will want to post with as well. If you can't support the charater you will not be having much fun.

Below is an outline for a bio:

Full Character Name:
Height (m):
Weight (kg):
Hair (color and styling):
Other physical features/Distinguishing Marks:
Character's Birthplace:
Character's birth year (given that this year is 2378):
Character's parents and their occupation:
Character's siblings:

The following sections each require about 6-8 lines of information in an ideal bio:

Character's history from 0-18 years of age (you must be 18 or older when you join the academy)

Character's time at the Academy or equivalent institution (ages 18-21 or older, depending):

iCharacter's Starfleet postings (minimum starting age 21). Please specify ships, COs, etc (note that this is not current references from other characters...feel free to make this box up!)

And please remember if you are giving your character a age of 22 you would not have been a chief engineer for the last five years.

Character's personality traits (likes, dislikes, and general info about your character's personality)

If you were to go out for a meal with a stranger, think about the questions you would ask him if you wanted to know him better and add info like that to your Bio.

Now it's time to make a bio and put those details into the form when you have completed it and sent it to the captain